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Franz Joseph Abt

Submitted by: Kenneth Abt {great grandson}

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Franz Joseph Abt was born around 1892. Franz Abt served in World War 1 with the Austrian Army. The enlistment was in 1912 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service

Great grandpa was in Austrian Army. In 1914 when war broke out he was mad. He only had 3 months till out of service.

He hated war. But was an engineer and sharpshooter. He was forced to test for the newly introduced machine guns. When asked what to do if barrel hot and no water, what do you do? He said jokingly, pee on it. Thus he was sent to train for machine guns. He could write his name with it.

He was sent to train the Turkish gunners who later were at Gallipoli. He was at the highest trench in the Alps and ultimately in Russia when the commies took over. He survived by hiding in a Cemetery eating food left for the dead, a Russian custom.

After the war fell apart he and two buddies made it home, walking and riding in a gypsy ox wagon.

He loved American movies. He later owned a grocery store that was flattened by the Russians in WWII. He later helped Jews escape.

I also had 2 Texas relatives in American army. But don't know much about them.

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