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Mabel Munro

Submitted by: Mary Rohrer Dexter, Local County History Project

Mabel Munro

Mabel Munro born in 1884. Mabel Munro served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service

Mabel Gray Munro was born October 28, 1884 in Detroit, Michigan. Her father was from Canada and the son of Scottish immigrants. Her mother was an Irish immigrant. Her father was an engineer on the rail road. There were four other children in her family. Two of her brothers would become dentists, the third brother worked in sales and her sister would join her in the profession of nursing. One of her brothers would also serve in WWI.

In 1888 the family moved to Chicago, but just prior to Mabel’s sophomore year the family moved to Peru, Indiana. Mabel became a graduate of the 1901 class at Peru High School. After Mabel finished high school, her father sent her to Indiana University. She attended classes there starting in 1902 and continuing through 1904, returning for more classes the summer of 1907. While living in Peru, she taught school for seven years. She began in “the country school” where she taught for one year and then moved on to “the grades” where she taught for two years. After that she taught mathematics at Peru High School.

Then, in 1910, Mabel made a career change. She headed back to Chicago, with all its tall buildings and city lights, and its loud, noisy, pungent smelling crowds, chattering in a multitude of languages. She enrolled in the Henrotin School of Nursing which was located near Old Town. The Chicago Policlinic and Henrotin Memorial Hospital were under the same management and established a training school for nurses in 1891.

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