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Minnie Frances Antrim

Submitted by: Mary Rohrer Dexter, Local County History Project

Minnie Antrim

Minnie Frances Antrim born around 1886, Minnie Antrim served in World War 1 in the manner described below.

Story of Service

Minnie Antrim was from a well-known Miami County family.  Her paternal grandfather had been born in Clinton County, Ohio and at some unknown date had migrated to Cass County, Indiana. When her father, the esteemed Nott Nobel Antrim, was ten-years old he was orphaned.  Nott lived with an older brother for two years and then, striking out on his own, worked his way through school and became a lawyer.  Later he was elected to the state legislature. 

Nott married Minnie’s mother, Marilda Adkisson, in 1875.  Minnie’s brother, Nott W, was born in 1881 and Minnie was born in 1886.  Tragically in 1894 Marilda Antrim died. Nott Nobel remarried and the children were raised by their step-mother, Ida Bell Armstrong Antrim. 

As a young woman, Minnie taught music while living in her father’s Peru Township home.  Her involvement in civic affairs is first noted in June of 1917 when she is listed as one of the two officers who were registering women to vote in Miami County Indiana. 

But by 1918 the St Louis City Directory lists Minnie as employed as a stenographer with Mallinckrodt Chemical Works. The Peru paper, in September of that year, when reporting of the upcoming event involving the Liberty Bond Airplane, refers to Minnie as being “stationed at St Louis”.   At this time, no proof of a military involvement has been found for Minnie.  So, what was she doing in St Louis at the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works?

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