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Joshua Henry Bates

Submitted by: Joan Enders {niece}

Joshua Henry BatesJoshua Henry Bates born around 1895. Joshua Bates served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service

Joshua Henry Bates' 22nd birthday was on the day Wilson declared war. He was a one-room teacher/principal in Wanship, Utah. In September 1917 he started the new school year, worked one week, and received his letter to report the following week.

Training began after a long train ride to Camp Lewis, Washington, a camp created for the AEF. He trained, studied French, recorded health reports for the 347th Machine Gun Battalion at the camp hospital, and became a private first class. After a camp illness in March 1918, they continued training.

By July 4, 1918 the 91st Division was in New York City, shipping off to England and then to France for more training. The full history of the Battalion can be read in History of the 347th Machine Gun Battalion by John U. Calkins, Jr.

Joshua serves as a messenger for the officers. Their battalion and others held the line against the German forces in the Meuse-Argonne, and received a letter of relief on 3 October 1918.

Early the next day, Joshua took the message to the last platoon, and upon returning, shrapnel pierced his chest. He died instantly only saying "Oh," as recorded in the official casualty report.

His body was buried on site, then removed to the American cemetery. Later his parents requested the transport of his body for burial in Wanship, Summit, Utah.

Captain Edwin S. Thomas of the Battalion described him this way: "His cheerfulness and willingness to do his duty under the most trying circumstances were especially marked and his death was a severe loss to the company."

I wrote the book "Evidence is Lacking. Yet I Still Hope." about Joshua that can be found online which includes a plethora of original sources about him.

Joshua Henry Bates book

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