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Anna Otiker

Submitted by: Mary Rohrer Dexter, Local County History Project

no photo women 300Anna Otiker born around 1862. Anna Otiker served in World War 1 with the Red Cross. The service started in 1917 and the service was completed around 1919.

Story of Service

Anna Otiker was born in Ohio in 1862 to a Swedish immigrant father and an Irish immigrant mother. Her father, Henry H. Otiker, was a farmer who served in the Civil War. By 1870 the family, consisting of Anna, her father and mother along with her sister Sophia and brother Henry,was living in Miami County on a farm in Richland Township.

In 1874 her father was elected to the school board. In 1880 the family had expanded to add sisters Elizabeth, Margaret and Zoe along with brothers Alexander and Ralph. They lived in Paw Paw which, although prosperous in the late 1840s, would have been a mere ghost town by 1880.

During the period 1917-1919, Anna Otiker served as a Red Cross Nurse (see article below).

After spending time as a substitute mail carrier and a dry goods store clerk, Anna settled down into the skill set of a dressmaker by 1920. She grew up as a childhood friend of Indiana author Ross Lockridge, Sr. They exchanged letters throughout their lives, and in fact, he sent her a beautiful lavender silk scarf from Paris.

Anna died in 1951 at Logansport Hospital from complications of arteriosclerotic heart disease. She had been in the hospital three years due to Cerebral Arteriosclerosis. She was buried in Paw Paw Cemetery in Peru Indiana.

Read more about Anna Otiker in the article below:

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