John Joseph Quinn, Jr.

Submitted by: Dave Quinn {Grandson}

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John Joseph Quinn, Jr. was born on 09/21/1894. John Quinn served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Headquarters, 79th Division, Am. E. F. France. 8th May,. 1918
General Orders : No. 29:. E X T R A C T.

Par. 3 For gallantry in action and meritorious services, the following citations are published for the information of the command.

(On Sept. 27, 1918) Sergeant John J. Quinn, Medical Detatchment, 314th Infantry.

Sergeant Quinn remained alone in a dressing station near Montfaucon and gave first aid to all wounded men, and arranged for the evacuation of same, which was executed under heavy shell fire. Sergeant Quinn completed the task regardless of safety to himself. (Silver Star).

On September 29th, 1918, near Nantillois, he remained at a first aid station, while being shelled by German artillery, performing his duty under continual artillery fire until all patients had been given first aid and evacuated.