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John August Kiecker

John August KieckerSubmitted by: Janet L. Rajala {Grand Niece}

John August Kiecker born around 1890. John Kiecker served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1917.

Story of Service


John August Kiecker served as a corporal in the American Expeditionary Force of the U.S. Army under General John J. Pershing. Although I have few records of his service, the following is an excerpt from a letter he wrote to his nephew, John Lietzau, (my uncle) on April 20, 1919 from Quernignyrot, France.

"Well, John, I am still in France but soon will leave for Germany where we'll enter the occupation troops and therefore have to hold our end down until everything is settled. The first peace treaty is supposed to be signed by the 25th. Inst. probably the soldiers will be lessened according to peace negotiations. Just think today it is Easter sunday and no eggs for today. Eggs, milk and sweet deserts you don't get in the army. Yesterday we had a beautiful day, sunshine all day, mind you. This occurs not often in France. I must tell you that I am teaching school here in the army and therefore am not drilling at present. Four boys from our company got a discharge from the Army and now be home or on their way home."

" I am feeling hale and hearty and would be ok if they send us back to the states. "

"The frogs are shearing their sheep now consequently they are looking for warmer weather in the near future. By frogs, I mean the french people. You can rest assured it will be a great day for us boys when they turn us loose with a honorable discharge from the services of the U.S."

"Well, John, I don't know very much that will interest you, except that General Pershing made a personal inspection of our division called the 6th, which consists of about 25,000 men on the 10 day of April. He gave us compliments and words of praise, etc."


Signed, Your Uncle, Corporal John A. Kiecker, #447632, Co. C 53rd U.S. Inf. Reg, A.E.F. A.P.O. 777"

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5b429ddca6d20 John Kiecker Ltr to Jack Lietzau 1919 pg 2 

  5b429ddca722f John Kiecker Ltr to Jack Lietzau 1919 pg 3



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