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Leonard Paul Denton

Submitted by: Jacob Parks {Administrative Support Specialist, The Country Doctor Museum}

no photo 300Leonard Paul Denton was born around 1892. Leonard Denton served in World War 1 with the United States Army . The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Leonard Paul (it appears that Denton preferred his middle name throughout life) Denton was the second-youngest of five children born to William and Ruth Denton. Paul’s siblings were Fatina, Simpson, Gineva, and Marie. Paul Denton was born on September 8, 1892 in Nash County where the Denton family lived in the town of Jackson located north of Bailey.

At the turn of the century William Denton owned a farm in Jackson, while the children also served as farm hands. On August 2, 1914 Paul Denton married Mary Leona Brantley, also of Nash County.

Paul Denton was inducted into military service on September 20, 1917 in Nashville, North Carolina, at which time he enlisted in the Machine Gun Company, 321st Infantry. Denton stayed with this company until February 6, 1918 and then transferred to Company I, 6th Infantry. It was with this group of soldiers that Denton deployed to France with on April 8, 1918.

Denton continued serving with the 6th Infantry until November 20, after the Armistice. At that time, he served with Company F, 165th Infantry while still abroad in Europe. Paul Denton did not return to the United States until April 21, 1919. He received his official discharge on May 6th of that year, at which time he was reported to be “10 percent disabled.” It is unclear what happened to Denton while he served because his military records do not include any injuries or wounds received in battle.

After the war Denton continued farming in Nash County and then started raising a family with his wife Leona (it appears she preferred this name over her given name). By 1930, the Denton’s had five daughters (Christebelle, Leta, Cleo, Pauline, and Annie Lee), and also they housed Paul Denton’s nephew Robie Earp. Leona Denton died quite young on June 11, 1932 from difficulties stemming from pneumonia. After Leona’s death, her sister Carolyn Brantley moved into the Denton household, presumably to help raise the children. Paul Denton continued to live and farm in Nash County until his death on May 9, 1961, when he also lost a bout to pneumonia.

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