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Donald Morris McCallum

Submitted by: Sandra Dunlap {Granddaughter}

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Donald Morris McCallum born around 1890. Donald McCallum served in World War 1 with the United States Navy. The enlistment was in 1908 and the service was completed in 1917.

Story of Service


My Grandfather's Service on the USS Tennesse (ACR-10)

The Tennessee was the receiving ship at the New York Navy Yard from 2 MAY 1914 until the outbreak of World War I in August of 1914.

At the outbreak the war, the Tennessee made a European deployment as part of the American Relief Expedition, leaving on 6 AUG 1914 on a rapid crossing to Falmouth, England. She arrived on 16 AUG.

When she left New York, the Tennessee was carrying US Treasury officials, banking officials, and $3 million in relief funds. Part of the gold went to London by train and then the Tennessee departed on 20 AUG for Holland to deliver the remainder to The Hague. She returned on 28 AUG to Falmouth.

From 1-6 SEP, she evacuated 400 Americans from LeHavre France. Two runs between LeHavre and Weymouth, England were made during that period. With a report of German submarines in the area, the Tennessee moved back to Falmouth on 29 SEP.

She was ordered to steam to Italy the next day. Shortly thereafter, she set sail and arrived in Brindisi, Italy on 12 OCT.

Leaving Brindisi, the Tennessee sailed into the eastern Mediterranean the next week with port calls in Beirut, the Greek isles and several port cities in Anatolia (Turkey) before proceeding on to Alexandria, Egypt. Arriving in Alexandria on 16 DEC 1914, she took on stores and money destined for the Jaffa, Palestine relief efforts and mail for the North Carolina at Beirut.

Upon arrival off Palestine, the Tennessee began refugee evacuation operations. By 30 JAN 1915, she had evacuated 3600 refugees from Jaffa and brought them to Alexandria, in four separate trips. Evacuation operations then ran into some problems with Turkish officials denying refugees permission to leave. Once these problems were rectified, evacuations continued into the late spring. From 15-17 FEB 1915, the Tennessee evacuated 657 more refugees.

Refugee relief operations were complicated by the fact that traditional American allies, Britain and France, were at war with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) at this time. In spite of these complications, the Tennessee continued to support evacuation and relief efforts in the region. Her final evacuation of refugees occurred on 28 JUN 1915 when she transported 127 refugees from Jaffa to Alexandria.

After disembarking her passengers, she steamed for home via Barcelona, Spain and Horta, Fayal (Azores), arriving in New York on 30 JUL 1915.

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