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Charles Levi McCullough

Submitted by: Amy L. Waters {Great-Granddaughter}


no photo 300Charles Levi McCullough born around 1895. Charles McCullough served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1916 and the service was completed in 1920.

Story of Service


Charles “Charley” Levi McCullough (1895-1968) joined the United States Regular Army at Fort Logan, Colorado, on August 5, 1916. He left Colorado on September 21, arriving in Columbus, New Mexico on September 23. Charley, while serving with Battery C of the 6th Field Artillery, was in Mexico from September 25, 1916 to February 5, 1917.

Charley spent the spring and summer of 1917 at Camp Douglas, Arizona. During this time he was transferred to Battery C of the 10th Field Artillery Battalion. He was transferred to the National Army of the United States of America on September 5, and on the following day he left Arizona for Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas. He arrived at Camp Funston on September 8.

On September 14, Charley was assigned to Battery C of the 340th Field Artillery. The 340th was part of the 89th Division or what was known as the Rolling W Division.

Charley’s journey to join the American Expeditionary Force in France began on June 2, 1918. On that day he left Camp Funston and boarded a train headed to Camp Mills, Long Island, NY. After a brief stay at Camp Mills the men of the 340th, along with the 315th Engineers, left Brooklyn, New York, on the evening of June 13. These men boarded the SS Huntsend and headed to Halifax, Canada.

The SS Huntsend arrived in Liverpool, England on June 27. This was followed by a journey from Liverpool to Winchester, and then on to Southampton. The last leg of the long overseas journey occurred on July 1, when Charley and his fellow troops left Southampton for La Havre, France, arriving the following day.

Charley participated in the St. Mihiel offensive in early September 1918, where he was wounded in the leg on September 18. He was moved to Base Hospital No. 25 on the 20th and moved to a convalescent camp in Allerey, France on October 11. He spent January-March 1919 in military camps in France. He left France on March 23, returning to Camp Mills, Long Island, NY on March 30. Charley returned to the United States on the RMS Aquitania, an ocean liner that had been retrofitted for troop transport. After arriving back in New York he then journeyed back to Camp Funston by way of Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; and Kansas City, MO.

On May 6, he was given a furlough from Camp Funston and headed to visit his family and friends in the Kingman and Ellinwood areas. On July 7, 1919, Charley was furloughed into the United States Regular Army Reserve. He was honorably discharged from the United States Army on June 4, 1920.

Information concerning the service of Charles Levi McCullough was derived from his personal diaries and his Army Discharge Papers.