Peter J. Ebels

Submitted by: Tom Ebels {Great Grandson}

no photo 300Peter J. Ebels was born around 1899. Peter Ebels served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


First Enlisted in Service March 27, 1917 in Michigan National Guard Co. M 32nd Michigan Infantry. Was discharged on July 31, 1917 for underweight (126 lbs. 68 in).
Re-enlisted August 1 (next day) 1917, and served until April 19, 1919. Made necessary weight by eating 1 dozen bananas and drinking 2 quarts of water.

Went overseas with my Company but came back with Demobilization Co. Was overseas February 19, 1918-March 27, 1919.

-Transcribed from the 1920 Grand Rapids, Michigan Soldier’s Census

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