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Harold Edward Carlson

Submitted by: Robert E Carlson {Grandson}

Harold Edward Carlson mugHarold Edward Carlson born around 1892. Harold Carlson served in World War 1 with the United States Army . The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Harold Carlson, born Harald Eugen Karlsson, on November 3, 1892, in Norrköping,Östergötland, Sweden, was orphaned in 1900, when his father died. He immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, to live with his mother's sister, Mathilde Jensen and his uncle Jens (John) Jensen. It was a crowded house with his sister, another aunt, three cousins and a border, who was my grandmother's brother.

Harold drove a horse-drawn wagon for a warehouse business, as a young man. When the war broke out, he was inducted as a teamster. Harold kept a notebook that listed his duty stations from his induction to his discharge. This is his entry: "May 28, 1918 left home for Camp Upton. Left Upton June 13, 1918 for Camp Johnston, Fla. Arrived the 16th. Left Johnston Aug. 2. To Camp Hill 4. From Hill to France 14. Arrived in Brest 26. Sept. 4 to Sougy 8th (arrived). From Sougy June 2, 1919. From Lemunox 3, 1919. St. Gearvas 12th."

My grandfather served in the 318th Field Remount Squadron for his time in the war. the 318th was in the 318th was in the Service of Supply Intermediate area of the AEF. Although he was not at the front, according to my grandmother, he was, at one point gassed (perhaps a temporary detail to the front?) and he suffered from shell shock on his return.

Harold returned home with the 318th on the battleship USS Virginia, The Virginia was class-name of the battleships of President Theodore Roosevlest great White Fleet. This was the Virginia's last voyage. It actually had a mechanical breakdown during its Atlantic crossing, Delaying its scheduled 4th of July arrival one day. The incident was written in a New York Times article.

After arriving in Boston, my grandfather and the other members of the 318th Field Remount Squadron were transported to Camp Devins, Massachusetts, while the USS Virginia was berthed at the navy yards drydock for decommissioning. Among my grandfather's possessions is the program for the farewell dinner hosted by the Virginia's officers and crew.

Several years later, Harold developed tuberculosis from his weakened lungs. He died in the Sunmount Federal Hospital in Altmont, New York on March 19,1931.

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5d4605c8810e8 HE Carlson WWI dog tagsHE Carlson WWI dog tags.

HE Carlson WWI victory medalHE Carlson WWI victory medal with the original box.

USS Virginia Transport Trip 5 cover p1Program for the farewell dinner hosted by the Virginia's officers and crew.

USS Virginia Transport Trip 5 cover p1

USS Virginia Transport Trip 5 p2 3

USS Virginia Transport Trip 5 Happy Hour Specs

USS Virginia arrival in Boston 07051919


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