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Stephen Jendraszak

Submitted by: Ches Wajda {Great Nephew}

Stephen Jendraszak image

Stephen Jendraszak was born around 1892. Stephen Jendraszak served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1914 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Pvt. Stephen Jendraszak (Co. C, Regiment: Machine Gun Battalion, 3rd Brigade) was born on Dec. 14, 1892 in Trzemeszno, Poland. His family immigrated to US in 1901, when he was 9½ years old (the oldest of 4 children). The family eventually came to reside in Chicago, Ill. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1914, at age 21.

He was killed in action on day 2 of The Battle of Soissons in Ploisy, France – as result of an airplane bomb – on Friday, July 19, 1918. He was 25 years old.

The Battle of Soissons (July 18-22, 1918) was a battle fought on the Western Front during World War I. This battle marked the key turning point of the war, as the Germans would be on the defensive for the remainder of the conflict. The war ended 5 months later.

Stephen was a Polish immigrant who loved his adopted country of the United States. He made the ultimate sacrifice in a battle that turned the tide of World War I. I am proud to be his great nephew.


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