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Thomas P. Brennan

Submitted by: George Buck, Ph.D.

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Thomas P Brennan served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 21 Sept 1917 - 15 July 1919.


My Grandfather enlisted on 21 September, 1917 and served with the 77 Division 306 INF Company I, Sailed with A.E.F. for overseas on April 16, 1918. He was involved in engagements in Larraire Sector, June 26, 1918. Lorraine Sector, Aisne River, and Meuse-Argonne where he was wounded and gassed. He earned Victory Medal with Aisne Marne, Meuse-Argonne and Defensive Sector.

From an 1938 article from the NY Times Titled “The 77th Won that One.”  Thomas Brennan was interviewed about helping to move rations, ammunition and water under the command of Lieutenant Zack at 0530 hours in the Argonne when it was lightening. Lt. Zack saw a solider in the woods and demanded to know why are you here soldier. The soldier replied “there’s fighting going on you know”. It turned out that this was the first time known in the war that a field kitchen had held the front line alone. My Grandpa was a part of that.

He spent from October 1918 in a Hospital in Europe and returned from overseas on April 23, 1919, where he was transferred to US Army General Hospital #38 in Eastview, NY. He received an Honorable Discharge and was released from the Hospital #38 on 14 July, 1919. He was paid in full, a sum of $76.85. (Information taken from his Honorable Discharge Form No. 525 A.G.O. Oct. 9-18.)

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