Mint announces WWI Coin Design Competition

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February 22, 2016

A community in Mississippi comes together to honor all of its World War 1 veterans
When the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) renovated a historic WWI memorial building in Natchez, MS as new Federal Courthouse, the memorial plaques on the walls were incomplete: African American soldiers, as well as many white soldiers and women, had been left out when the plaques were initially dedicated in 1924. GSA partnered with the community in Natchez and local veterans groups to compile a complete and accurate accounting of all the Adams County World War I Veterans. Watch what happened.

Mint announces WWI Coin Design Competition
The United States Mint is calling on American artists to design a coin, to be issued in 2018, that will honor the accomplishments of heroes on the front line and the home front. The 2018 World War I American Veterans Centennial Silver Dollar will serve as a tribute to the bravery, actions and sacrifices of Americans a century ago, while providing a tangible touch point for generations to come. Read all about it.

American volunteers in the Battle of Verdun
This week marks the centenary of the Battle of Verdun, which began February 21st, 1916, and ran for 303 days. Verdun became one of the longest and costly battles in human history. The United States did not enter the war until 1917, however some unofficial assistance from was already being provided for the Allies by the start of Verdun. American volunteers played a significant role in the front line of the battle, performing as an ambulance drivers, fighter pilots, soldiers, and other duties. Read about the American volunteers who led the way.

What you may not know about the Battle of Verdun
100 years ago this week the Battle of Verdun,one of the most ferocious battles of World War I, began with a hail of German artillery fire on French positions surrounding the fortified city of Verdun. Our Commemorative Partner History marks the week with a look at 10 Things You May Not Know About the Battle of Verdun.

Classic Green Woolen U.S. Army Blanket
US Army BlanketStill proudly Made in the USA by Woolrich, Inc., the oldest continuously operating woolen mill in the United States since 1830, the blankets were originally purchased by the U.S. military to supply our troops. Designed to be used by soldiers in the barracks, this Limited Edition blanket features a heat-marked “U.S.” emblem on the center and an exclusive fabric garment label commemorating the U.S. centennial of World War One.
This and many more WWI commemorative items are available in the Official WWI Centennial Merchandise Store.

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The rest of the WW1 Story of Service is told in Adams County, MS
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