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Sync Call for Wednesday August 17 at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1. Alabama Launches WWI Centennial Web Site ww1cc.org/al

2. State outreach call now on GoToWebinar - Please register once

3.  New issue of education resources newsletter - Global Effects of WWI

4. 100 Cities / 100 Memorials Announced three support webinars

5. WW1CC heading off to the American Legion Convention in Cincinnati

Read more below - Watch the video above


Sync Call Minutes
August 17, 2016

Update from the States

Alabama Website goes live
Congratulations Alabama -  their site, hosted on our National server is now live.
The following URLs are pointed at their site
Alabama SHORT URLs are:

A statewide meeting of the Texas WWI Commission took place last Friday, August 12. Volunteers and organizations from across the state, as well as the Texas Historical Presentation took part, briefing on commemorative activities and projects for the centennial.
Our Executive Director, Dan Dayton, attended the meeting and reported that it went very well- Texas is on track for a great centennial!
A link to the video of the event will be coming in the next couple of days and will be available on the Texas WWI Centennial website at http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/texas-commission-web-site.html
As well as in our video library at ww1cc.org/video

In 1916, Mexican Revolutionary General Francisco “Pancho” Villa, led a raid against the U.S.-Mexican border town of Columbus, New Mexico. The U.S. government sent U.S. Army General John J. Pershing to capture Villa in an unsuccessful nine-month incursion into Mexican sovereign territory that ended when the United States entered World War I. Among Pershing’s troops were members of the Delaware National Guard.
On Saturday, August 20, at 10:30 a.m., General Kennard Wiggins, Jr., USA, (Ret.), will present a special program -In Pursuit of “Pancho” Villa: The Delaware National Guard’s 1916 Mexican Border Service -at the Delaware Public Archives about the Delaware troops who served in this campaign. This presentation, a Delaware World War I Centennial Event, is sponsored jointly by the Delaware Public Archives and the Delaware Heritage Commission. Copies of General Wiggins’s new book, Delaware in World War I, will be available for purchase at the event, with a book-signing to follow.
The program is free to the public and will last approximately one hour.  No reservations are required. 
Delaware Archives events & programs: http://archives.delaware.gov/outreach/publicprograms.shtml
For more information, contact Tom Summers (302) 744-5047 or e-mail thomas.summers@state.de.us.
Save the date- Preparations for the next  Upper MidWest Region Meeting continue. The meeting will be held on September 13 at the Pritzker Military Museum and Library in Chicago at 1 pm Central Time.
Susan Mennenga has been hard at work planning this event and has managed to arrange representatives from most of the Upper Midwest states. States outside of the UMW region are welcome to attend. Please reach out to Susan at SMennenga@pritzkermilitary.org or to the National Coordination Team at NCT@worldwar1centennial.org for more information.
State Outreach Collaboration Call
Our next State Outreach Collaboration Call will take place Thursday September 1 at noon eastern time. This call will focus on the Commission’s upcoming Countdown  to Veterans Day campaign. This is a yearly campaign aimed at increasing awareness of WWI in the lead up to Veterans Day, which was originally called Armistice Day and commemorated the end of WWI.  The call will lay out how you can get involved with this campaign and the tools & resources we have available for it.
State Outreach Collaboration Call - NEW REGISTRATION
Starting with the next state outreach call, we will switch platforms and begin using GoToWebinar to host it (like we already do for the sync call).
That means the phone number and web link will change. You’ll need to register in order to join the call. You only have to do this once.
New SOCC Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5156713208829555970
Questions about the SOCC? Please email Andrew McGreal at andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

News and Announcements

The Restoration of a Legend: Rebuilding the M1917
Judge Jim Osborne from the Indiana Military Museum has enlisted to the help pf Mr. Randall Becht, and Mr. Brian Bartholome to reproduce an incredibly rare piece of history: a working, newly minted, 1:1 scale M1917 Light Tank.
In thinking about the WWI Centennial period we asked Randy to make us a small turret section of a WWI German tank since we had an original 8mm maxim machine gun turret from the one tank the U.S. possessed after the war.  The Germans made only 20 of these vehicles in entirety. 
It was after completion of that project that we came to the conclusion that the full and complete construction of the WWI U.S. M-1917 tank would be a very appropriate project for our museum and in time for the 2017 Centennial period. 
An American copy of the popular French FT-17, these two-man tanks marked America’s first attempt at mechanized warfare, even if the M1917 was never actually used in combat. While nowhere near as efficient as modern tanks like the M1 Abrams, without the M1917, contemporary American mechanized warfare would not have been possible without the lessons learned from the M1917. Most of these tanks were scrapped after the end of World War I, so this reproduction will be one of the few known functional M1917 Light Tanks in the world.

Education Newsletter-  Issue #2: Global Effects of WWI
Sign up to receive the newsletter here:
Have you used these resources to teach your students about World War I?
Or do you have curriculum advice for your fellow teachers? Feedback on the newsletter? Let us know your experiences teaching about the Great War!
Send an email to education@theworldwar.org and we'll share the best stories and tips in a future issue.

New Website Features!
New Commission Tools & Resources page: ww1cc.org/tools
We have launched a new website navigation aid this week called "Resources, Activities & Tools”.  Send your suggestions directly to theo.mayer@worldwar1centennial.org.

100 Cities / 100 Memorials Blog on ww1cc.org/100Memorials
If you are interested in the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program - sign up for the new Blog
People who subscribe to the blog will get notifications when new information on the program are posted. You’ll find the blog in the left side menu at ww1cc.org/100Memorials. Blog post suggestions are welcome. Contact Theo.mayer@worldwar1centennial.org

100 Cities / 100 Memorials PSA video available for use and download on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/177964663
We turned a Keith Colley’s video, which he generously donated to the program, into a PSA for the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials. It is a simple 36 second clip - but really captures the soul of the program.
Keith runs the the WWI Mobile Museum at http://ww1mobilemuseum.com
Thanks Keith. Check it out.
Save the Dates! 100C / 100M Webinars coming up.

September 8, 2016

Webinar: “Memorial Restoration 101”

“Memorial Restoration 101” webinar for potential participants who want to learn more about what to do, how it should be done. The webinar will feature conservator experts in these kinds of restorations.

September 15, 2016

Webinar: "Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant applications"

"Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant application" is a webinar we plan to hold multiple times as an interactive tutorial for participants who want more insight into creating a successful grant application. This includes a public Q&A for participants.

October 5, 2016

Webinar: "Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant applications"

"Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant applications" is a webinar we plan to hold multiple times as an interactive tutorial for participants who want more insight into creating a successful grant application. This includes a public Q&A for participants.

More Upcoming Events:
August 26, 2016:
American Legion Convention- beginning August 26th and through September 2. 
Sponsor and partner for the 100c/ 100 m Program.  Theresa Sims and Susan Mennega from the PMML will be there at a booth.   Our Executive Director, Dan Dayton will speak on Saturday the 27th.  http://www.legion.org/convention

September 30, 2016
Next meeting of the WWI Centennial Commission in Dayton, OH.

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park - ww1cc.org/memorial

Efforts to build the National WWI Memorial at PP proceed apace. As always, we need your support! Help us speak for our lost generation. Visit  ww1cc.org/memorial today to contribute to this great cause.

The Great War Channel

Alright, as always, The Great War Channel on youtube has several great new videos up this week. Check them out at youtube.com/TheGreatWar.

The War in the Sky: Theo Mayer - ww1cc.org/warinthesky
As you know Noted Author and highly decorated combat pilot,  RG Head has contributed and is curating an amazing timeline of WWI aviation events on our national website.
You can find the timeline at ww1cc.org/warinthesky
This week’s episode will be presented by Theo Mayer, our Chief technologist

The Great War Project:  Mike Shuster


And now we’ll move onto 100 years ago this week on the ground with Mike Shuster.


Join us again next week! Register here.


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