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Sync Call for Wednesday August 24 at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1.  NY events: Teaching Literacy Through History / Living History WWI Doughboys at Governors Island Nat. Monument

2. UMW event coming up - all invited via LiveStream

3.  369th experience Coca Cola Foundation Funding comes in

4. 100 Cities / 100 Memorials : Registration open for webinar #1 "Memorial Restoration 101"

5. American Legion Conference this week

Read more below - Watch the video above


Sync Call Minutes
August 24, 2016

New York
Education Symposium
Yesterday, The Greater NYC WWI Centennial Committee, in partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of AMerican History hosted a free professional development symposium for teachers.  Their registration doubled the capacity-  they even added 10 extra teachers to the event to accommodate as best they could.  It was a big success-
distinguished historian Ken Jackson, along with our own Dr. Libby O’Connell were there fpr  grade 5-12 teachers . This full day of instruction will include a morning lecture with Columbia University Professor Kenneth T. Jackson on World War I as seen through the lens of New York City.  In the afternoon the Gilder Lehrman Institute's Director of Education, Tim Bailey, will lead a Teaching Literacy through History pedagogy session focused on teaching World War I in the classroom. A free breakfast and lunch will be provided to all participants.
Teachers left the session with classroom-ready lesson plans and resources on teaching World War I. Lesson plans will include primary source documents, graphic organizers, and instructions for integrating the materials into the classroom.
Teaching Literacy through History: http://www.gilderlehrman.org/tlth

Saturday, September 16-
Living history World War I Doughboys at Governors Island National Monument, Sept. 17:
A platoon of living history reenactors will bring World War I Doughboys to Governors Island National Monument on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, for a free exhibition. See demonstrations and hear stories as reenactors portray famous New York regiments including the Harlem Hell Fighters at Doughboy Day at Fort Jay.
The centennial of American involvement in the “Great War” is in 2017 and this group of volunteer reenactors will share the story of U.S. participation. Both men and women will be in full uniform and provide displays and talks about the role America played in World War I. It is free and suitable for all ages.
Participants examples:

  • Ebony Doughboys (ebonydoughboys.org) a group of African American living historians who are focused on telling the story of the outstanding record of service of African Americans during the First World War. Founded in 2014, they will have displays of equipment worn by black soldiers in the war, and a 20-minute vignette on the life of Eugene Bullard, America’s first black fighter pilot, portrayed by actor Chadd Gray.
  • Visiting authors will tell the stories of New York City involvement in the war, Governors Island’s role in supporting the war, and key U.S. victories at the Hindenburg Line and Meuse-Argonne.
  • Actress Laurie Gaulke will represent women in the war with her show, Doughnuts for Doughboys: A Salvation Army Lassie in Neuvilly.

The events run 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Governors Island National Monument. The displays will be on the Parade Ground, the Ebony Doughboys will be in the Castle Williams Gazebo, and talks will be in Fort Jay.
This event is a partnership between the WWICC, the Greater NYC Committee and the National Park Service, who is also commemorating its’ centennial this year.


This year’s theme: “1916: Sex, Planes, and Disasters”

2016 Symposium by the World War One Historical Association in partnership with The General Douglas MacArthur Foundation
The program includes speakers on Verdun, warship development and Jutland, the Brusilov Offensive, the British army and the Somme, and the USA in 1916, plus aerial bombardment and more!
Full symposium package: $225 by 19 September; or $255 by 21 October.

Dr. Monique Seefried – World War One Centennial Commissioner, Master of Ceremonies

2016 Symposium by the World War One Historical Association


Upper Mid-West Region Meeting - Sept. 13:
Save the date- Preparations for the next  Upper MidWest Region Meeting continue. The meeting will be held on September 13 at the Pritzker Military Museum and Library in Chicago at 1 pm Central Time.
Susan Mennenga has been hard at work planning this event and has managed to arrange representatives from most of the Upper Midwest states. States outside of the UMW region are welcome to attend.
After the meeting - through a partnership between the WWI Centennial Commission and the Pritzker Military Museum & Library - there will be a book talk from author Nimrod Thompson Frazer who will discuss the recently released 3rd edition of:  "Send the Alabamians: World War I Fighters in the Rainbow Division".
For more information or questions contact: Susan.Mennenga@worldwar1centennial.org
There is a draft of the agenda in the handout section of your control panels

State Outreach Collaboration Call

Our next State Outreach Collaboration Call will take place Thursday September 1 at noon eastern time. This call will focus on the Commission’s upcoming Countdown  to Veterans Day campaign. This is a yearly campaign aimed at increasing awareness of WWI in the lead up to Veterans Day.  The call will lay out how you can get involved in the national conversation and the tools & resources you can use.
Register for SOCC here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5156713208829555970
Questions about the SOCC? Please email Andrew McGreal at andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

News and Announcements

Ryan Barland, who in his day job works at the Minnesota Historical Society, but who jumps into a phone booth from time to time, and pops out as HipsterGopher, sports blogger for the Daily Gopher sports paper about the University of Minnesota.
Ryan ran a nice piece last month about the 1916 Minnesota football team that went off to war in 1917, which was featured in the DISPATCH this week.  Ryan is doing research on the football heroes who became military heroes, and he has agreed to pop up on the Sync Call periodically with stories about the players.  This week he can call in and talk about how he started looking into this story, and the top level of what he found, and later expand upon individual player stories. 

369th Experience:
A big shout out to Stephany Neal and Commissioner Monique Seefried.  We are pleased to announce we received the official letter and funding from Coca Cola Foundation in support of the 369th Experience.  Stephany has worked tirelessly on this for more than 2 years and we are so happy to receive some seed money for the program.  Coca Cola Foundation signature sponsor- but we still need more resources.
The 369th Experience, an historic celebration of the Harlem Hellfighters and the African American experience in World War I through the arts and education.
Officially known as the 369th Regimental Band, the Harlem Hellfighters were the first African American regiment to fight during World War I. They became one of the longest-serving, most decorated units of the Great War.
The 369th Experience is a four-part tribute to the Harlem Hellfighters’ contributions to music and the military.
Read about the Coca-Cola Foundation grant:

100 Cities / 100 Memorials:  ww1cc.org/100Memorials

WEBINAR Scheduled for Sep 08, 2016 2:00 PM EDT at:
“Memorial Restoration 101”- Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6934139726610849538
This is the first in a series of informational webinars for our $200,000 matching grant giveaway to restore ailing WWI memorials.
"Memorial Restoration 101" focuses on:

  • How to find and identify the WWI memorials in your area
  • How to plan your project - with an emphasis on the do's and dont's in restoration.

The webinar will feature conservator experts and project team members to help you get going with your planning.Check out this piece in the Huffington Post about our new program launch!
You are invited to register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6934139726610849538

We got a great writeup in the Huffington Post earlier this week.

If you are interested in the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program - sign up for the new Blog
People who subscribe to the blog will get notifications when new information on the program are posted. You’ll find the blog in the left side menu at ww1cc.org/100Memorials. Blog post suggestions are welcome. Contact Theo.mayer@worldwar1centennial.org
100 Cities / 100 Memorials PSA video available for use and download on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/177964663

Save the Dates! Webinars coming up.

September 8, 2016

Webinar: “Memorial Restoration 101”

“Memorial Restoration 101” webinar for potential participants who want to learn more about what to do, how it should be done. The webinar will feature conservator experts in these kinds of restorations.

September 15, 2016

Webinar: "Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant applications"

"Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant application" is a webinar we plan to hold multiple times as an interactive tutorial for participants who want more insight into creating a successful grant application. This includes a public Q&A for participants.

October 5, 2016

Webinar: "Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant applications"

"Competition Briefing - Planning for a successful grant applications" is a webinar we plan to hold multiple times as an interactive tutorial for participants who want more insight into creating a successful grant application. This includes a public Q&A for participants.


More Upcoming Events:

August 26, 2016:

American Legion’s 98th Annual Convention, Aug. 25-Sept. 2, 2016: http://www.legion.org/convention
in Cincinnati, Ohio. WW1CC is sharing a booth with American Legion staff in the main exhibit hall (Th-Mon).

September 30, 2016
Next meeting of the WWI Centennial Commission at the United States Air Force Museum  in Dayton, OH.  In conjuntion with the 2016 Dawn Patrol Rendezvous that weekend- many thanks to Walter Grudzinskas, our Ex Officio Member at USAF for extending the invitation.
WWI Centennial Commission meeting:

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park - ww1cc.org/memorial

Efforts to build the National WWI Memorial at PP proceed apace. As always, we need your support! Help us speak for our lost generation. Visit  ww1cc.org/memorial today to contribute to this great cause.

The Great War Channel https://www.youtube.com/TheGreatWar

Alright, as always, The Great War Channel on youtube has several great new videos up this week. Check them out at youtube.com/TheGreatWar.

  • Kurds in WW1 - The Swagger Stick

  • A Crucial Test For Unity - Greece in WW1

  • Cadorna Snatches Defeat From The Jaws of Victory I THE GREAT WAR Week 108

The War in the Sky: Theo Mayer - ww1cc.org/warinthesky

As you know Noted Author and highly decorated combat pilot,  RG Head has contributed and is curating an amazing timeline of WWI aviation events on our national website.
You can find the timeline at ww1cc.org/warinthesky
This week’s episode will be presented by Theo Mayer, our Chief technologist

Before we begin - I want to tell you about a September event of interest to the Great War In The Sky audience -
Saturday, September 10, the World War One Historical Association and League of World War I Aviation Historians are holding a symposium in Oakland, CA called - World’s First Strategic Bombing Campaign, with two speaker- Jack Herris who examines the beginning of strategic bombing to see how it all started in 1914 and why it was not the war-winning weapon in World War 1 that it proved to be in World War 2- it also features Dana Lombardy the publisher and senior editor for WWI Illustrated magazine who talks about how the Great War In The sky was popularized by Snoopy (“Curse you, Red Baron!”), and remembered as the idealized or “noble” combat in four years of mind-numbing slaughter. But the true story about the fighter aircraft and aces is a fascinating tale of technological achievements and fierce competition for control of the skies.
This event is published on the Commission events calendar - and we will provide a direct link in the chat room and in the minutes

On to 100 years ago this week in the Great War in The Sky we have a couple of interesting events...
On August 27th a German named Oswald Boelke took commmand of Jasta 2, one of the best-known German fighter Squadrons of World War I - They were known in German as Jagdstaffel Zwei. Boelke was the units first commanding officer who emerged as one of the great aerial tactician of WWI.
As a related note - Our own RG Head and Curator of our Great War In The Sky timeline just came out with a new book on Oswald Boelke. It just shipped out to the West coast and RG is starting a book tour to promote it. It will be on Amazon in September.
Our last note for 100 year ago this week - Do you remember our friend Albert Ball of England's squadron 60 - from last week when he shot down three German aircraft in one day... Well on August 28, 1916 the British ace - known as "The Lone Wolf of the Skies" downed four enemy craft in one day in the Battle of the Somme.
Albert Ball was this really handsome "Kid", dashing, modest and Britain’s first celebrity fighter pilot. He was the first man in the Great War to be awarded three Distinguished Service Orders (DSOs) and, within just a year, shot down 44 confirmed “kills”, with another 25 unconfirmed aircraft.
After his final victory on May 6, 1917 he wrote, in his last letter to his father: “I do get tired of always living to kill, and am really beginning to feel like a murderer. Shall be so pleased when I have finished.” On the evening of the next day, May 7, Ball was involved in a dogfight in poor weather near Douai, France, that ended his life.
and that is the Great War in The Sky - 100 years ago this week.

The Great War Project:  Mike Shuster


And now we’ll move onto 100 years ago this week on the ground with Mike Shuster.


Join us again next week! Register here.


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