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Sync Call for Wednesday September 14 at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1.  Upper Mid-West Region success prompts call for more regional WWI Centennial organizations

2.  100 Cities / 100 Memorials web site, competition manual and submission portal all revised

3.  Report on @WW1CC Instagram activities

4. Report on the US WWI Memorial at Pershing Park

5. RG head comes on and we learn more about his new book on Boelke

Read more below - Watch the video above


Sync Call Minutes
September 7, 2016

Update from the States

WWI/WWII Profiles of Honor Tour: We are delighted to announce that construction is underway on the World War I and World War II Profiles of Honor Tour, a mobile exhibition that will bring an interactive exhibit to museums, libraries, and historic sites throughout Virginia. The tour will bring to life the state's integral role in both wars, highlighting Virginians’ personal stories. As part of the tour, visitors will be invited to bring their own World War I and II-related wartime photographs to be scanned for inclusion in the Virginia Profiles of Honor project. The mobile tour launches this December. Applications for tour stops in 2017 are available here will be accepted until November 1, 2016.

Grants: Many thanks to all those who applied for the first round of WWI/WWII Tourism Marketing Grants, which closed on August 31. Recipients will be notified in mid-October.  We anticipate another round opening this fall.

Teacher symposium: The Commission is working with the Virginia Department of Education, museums, colleges, and historians across the state to plan a WWI & WWII statewide teacher symposium aimed at middle and high school teachers, which will explore the history of both wars and the ever-expanding resources available to teachers in the classroom. The symposium will be widely accessible to teachers across Virginia, going on the road to each of the eight school regions in summer 2017. If your site is interested in hosting a teacher symposium, please let us know.

Last, please continue to submit events to the WWI/WWII Statewide Calendar of Events and keep up with the Commission at VirginiaWorldWarI.org/partners and VirginiaWorldWarII.org/partners, as well as through the Virginia World War I Centennial and Virginia WWII 75th Anniversary Facebook pages.

Upper Mid-West Region Meeting - yesterday
15 states were represented -great turn out at the PMML and we want to thank Susan Mennenga and everyone who participated. It was a great networking event.
We will begin  to create other regional hubs in the upcoming months-  modeled after Susan’s Upper MidWest Region.  So stay tuned for more information on that front.

State Outreach Collaboration Call
Our next State Outreach Collaboration Call will take place Thursday, October 6th  This call will be a rehash of a call we had last February and will focus on how to get your own state webpage on our website. We’ll have more details next week.
Please don’t forget to register ahead of time!
Register for SOCC here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5156713208829555970
Questions about the SOCC? Please email Andrew McGreal at andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

News and Announcements

Education Newsletter
in Partnership with the National WWI Museum and Memorial
October Issue will highlight American Volunteers in WWI
Each newsletter contains original content, curriculum and lesson plans from our various partners across the globe.
Please sign up to receive the education newsletter!
Also, if you know of an organization, museum, historical society, etc that creates original WWI curriculum or content, please send them to:  meredith.carr@worldwar1centennial.org

We add supporting partners to this newsletter every week-  not only for content but also for distribution to stakeholders. We’d love to loop you in-  contact me for more information.

100 Cities / 100 Memorials- www.ww1cc.org/100m

With the extension of the submission deadline for the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials $200,000 matching grant program, the schedule calendar, web site and competition manual have all been updated.

We encourage anyone participating or interested in participating with the program to check the updates at ww1cc.org/100memorials and to register for the 100Cities/100Memorials blog  for automatic email updated on the program.

WWICC Social Media-  Instagram
Kathy Akey-  photographer and artist
Commission Volunteer and manager of our instagram account and content
WWICC instagram handle:

Some examples:

More Upcoming Events:
Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016
World War I Doughboys / Living history at Governors Island National Monument to the Governors Island National Monument
10:00: Displays of vintage artifacts, equipment, uniforms, and weapons. Parade Ground. 20 Doughboys in uniform

Saturday, Sept 24
Yockelson to talk Pershing at National Book Fest at Library of Congress
Opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture- our own Amb. Carol Moseley Braun will be in attendance.

Sept 24: Opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture: http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2016/16-121.html

September 30, 2016
The Next meeting of the WWI Centennial Commission will take place at the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH in conjunction with the 2016 Dawn Patrol Rendezvous that weekend
Sept 30: Meeting of the WWICC at the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH

October 21-22, 2016
The WWI Historical Association Annual Symposium at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk
1916: Sex, Planes and Disasters!-  one week left to purchase at a discounted rate.

October 21-22: WWI Historical Association Annual Symposium at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk
1916: Sex, Planes and Disasters!

October 27-28, 2016
Ohio State University
October 27-28: The War to End All Wars: U.S. National World War I Centennial Symposium, 1916-2016

November 4-5. 2016
National WWI Museum and Memorial Annual Symposium
1916: Total War

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park - ww1cc.org/memorial

Mr. Dale Archer- Program Manager

Volunteered for the Commission 2014-2-015
Wrote our State Outreach Plan
Our National Education Plan
Brought on last year as a contractor to manage the Memorial Project. Dale works directly with Commissioner Fountain, Joe Weishaar and Sabin Howard.

Efforts to build the National WWI Memorial at PP proceed apace. As always, we need your support! Help us speak for our lost generation. Visit  ww1cc.org/memorial today to contribute to this great cause.

The Great War Channel https://www.youtube.com/TheGreatWar

Alright, as always, The Great War Channel on youtube has several great new videos up this week. Check them out at youtube.com/TheGreatWar.
  • Japanese Army Semi-Auto Rifles
  • Tank Development in WWI
  • Fire in the Sky- Zeppelin Shot Down Over Britain- Week 111 in the Great War

The War in the Sky: Theo Mayer - ww1cc.org/warinthesky

As you know Noted Author and highly decorated combat pilot,  RG Head has contributed and is curating an amazing timeline of WWI aviation events on our national website.
You can find the timeline at ww1cc.org/warinthesky
This week’s episode will be presented by Theo Mayer, our Chief technologist.
"Oswald Boelcke - Germany's First Fighter Ace and Father of Air Combat" -
Review by Mark Barnes
Aug 9, 2016 Mark Barnes

Oswald Boelcke's untimely death as a result of a mid-air collision was,
without question, an immense loss to German military aviation during the
First World War. He was the man who wrote the instruction manual for air
combat and much of his dicta passed down to the modern era.

Boelcke was loved and respected by friend and foe alike, and his death
caused a wave of sorrow in Germany and beyond.  The achievements of his
greatest student, Manfred von Richthofen, may have overshadowed him, but the
Red Baron never forgot his master.  There seems little doubt that fate took
away a man who may well have achieved a century or more victories during the
war.  But it was not to be.

This new biography by RG Head is a mixture of reverence and analysis. The
author sets out to underline the importance of Boelcke to the history of air
warfare while attempting to show us the man.  Discovering anything in depth
about him is not the easiest task, despite the existence of contemporary
biographies written just after his death and other material to draw upon.
Needless to say, it was the destruction of the Second World War that robbed
us of so many artefacts and documents from the First World War.  Much of the
archive of Boelcke's service life and even one of his preserved aircraft
were lost in the storm of Allied bombing just two decades after his death.

The author is a retired senior air force officer whose experiences of
fighter combat and tactics help give him the foundation to write this book.
Like many people he holds a tremendous respect for all the men who flew
combat aircraft during the Great War, quite correctly identifying them as
pioneers.  Of course, some of them were standout pilots and warriors who
could combine a cool head and offensive spirit with a gift for flying.
These men became the great aces of the war, and their nationality makes
little difference from this distance. Men like Oswald Boelcke and Lanoe
Hawker were the people who studied their job and in Boelcke's case made it
into something of an art."

RG joins us today to talk a little bit about his recent book, as well as some updates to the Aviation Timeline and his new book:

The Great War Project:  Mike Shuster www.greatwarproject.org/

And now we’ll move onto 100 years ago this week on the ground with Mike Shuster.

Sync Call Minutes: www.ww1cc.org/sync-call

Join us again next week! Register here.

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