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Sync Call for Wednesday October 4, at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1.  MA launches Facebook Page

2.  New Central Region first meeting on Nov. 4-5 at the National WWI Museum in Kansas City

3.  Commemoration Partnership penned with USAA

4. DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution to Highlight WWI Activities

5. 100C / 100M Webinar on Wed. October 19, “Competition Briefing for Veterans Organizations”

Read more below - Watch the video above


Sync Call Minutes
October 4, 2016

Update from the States


The Massachusetts WWI Centennial Commission’s facebook page has gone live! For anyone interested in what’s going on in the Commonwealth, check it out at https://www.facebook.com/Massachusetts-World-War-One-Centennial-1821822538060455/

Working diligently on their WWI Centennial Celebration which will also be the State's Bicentennial.   Our dates shifted a week earlier with events beginning on Thursday night with an opening ceremony -- March 30th. Some school group activities during the day on Friday, March 31st and a military ball on Friday night.   On Saturday, April 1st, there will be family activities with a Governor's Concert that evening and Sunday, April 2nd,  will be a special Remembrance service.
Keep us posted on your state’s plan for the centennial of the US entry into war! We will host a national level event in Kansas City in partnership with the WWI Museum and Memorial, but we want to know your plans. Please email Andrew to make sure they are on our radar and listed on our calendar of events online.

Central Region
We’re excited to announce the formation of the Central Region under the auspices of the National WWI Museum! The central region consists of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.   They are also inviting states in the south that do not yet have a region formed to attend.
The initial meeting of the central region will take place on November 4 in conjunction with the Museum’s 2016 Symposium. Museum staff is currently reaching out to representatives from region members states.
November 4-5. 2016
National WWI Museum and Memorial Annual Symposium
1916: Total War
Questions about the Central Region? Email andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

State Outreach Collaboration Call
Our next State Outreach Collaboration Call will take place tomorrow- This call will be about our publishing partner program - if you’re interested in having a webpage on the Commission website I suggest to call in - it’ll have a lot of great info for you!
You have register ahead of time - the link is in the chatroom and the will be in the minutes.
Register for the SOCC here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5156713208829555970
Questions about the SOCC? Please email Andrew McGreal at andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

News and Announcements

Commission Meeting and Dawn Patrol Rendezvous
Thanks to the National Museum of the US Air Force and Mr. Walter Grudzinskas, Ex Officio member for the USAF for hosting our Commission.
Photo of Commissioners touring the flight line- link above

We recently signed a commemorative partnership agreement with USAA. 
During the period 2017-2018, USAA will plan and conduct at least two appropriate events and activities each year that will thank and honor a WWI family in a memorable, dignified and exceptional manner.

Yesterday, Dan met with Ann Turner Dillon, President General of the DAR
The NSDAR will highlight the Centennial of WWI as a commemorative event for 2016 through 2019. The primary means of communicating with members will be through the DAR Website, DAR state websites, Today’s DAR Blog and meetings attended by the Vice Chair, WWI 100th Anniversary, Commemorative Events Committee, NSDAR as well as state and chapter meetings. The members volunteer to support activities and events that make a difference to the U.S. and align with the mission of the DAR.

Education Newsletter
Issue # 3 goes out on Tuesday the 18th. 
Draft Editorial Calendar available with monthly topics for planning purposes- reach out to me for questions.
Sign up to receive it.  Tell us how you like it. 
Also- in the upcoming issues we will be including a section that features a current program or curriculum that is already being implemented in schools. So if you are an educator and would like to learn more about this, and other opportunities to highlight your work in the classroom, please

WWICC Social Media- CDTVD
Mr. Chris Isleib
Countdown to Veterans Day 2016
Thank you all for your great help in making the Countdown To Veterans Day a success in this first week!
To date, we have had some 177 participants post some  908 tweets on Twitter, which have reached an overall potential audience of 1,698,396 people.
On Facebook, posts and reposts by such friends as the PBS American Experience, DAV, and Navy History & Heritage Command have brought us a potential audience of 1,110,000 people.

St. Mihiel Trip-Wire http://www.worldwar1.com/tripwire/smtw.htm
Our October 2016 issue of the TRIP-WIRE, your World War I Centennial newsletter,  is now available at: http://www.worldwar1.com/tripwire/smtw.htm
Highlights of this ST. MIHIEL TRIP-WIRE issue include:
The Countdown to Veterans Day
1916 Presidential Election
Pershing's 100- and more!
Subscribe today!

Centennial Countdown September 1916- Dennis Cross, blogger in KC
In September 1916, the presidential campaign in the United States begins in earnest.  The Democrats formally notify President Wilson of his nomination and a Democratic Congress swiftly passes his pro-labor railroad bill, averting a threatened nationwide rail strike.  Wilson tells suffragists that their cause will triumph with or without a constitutional amendment.  He administers a brutal public rebuff to an Irish-American critic and lays claim to the label "progressive."  David Lloyd George warns America not to interfere with Great Britain's war.  At the Somme, tanks are used in battle for the first time and Prime Minister Asquith's son is killed in action.  Romania may be rethinking its decision to join the Allies, as Bulgaria declares war and joins German forces in a two-pronged attack.
To continue reading, click on the link.  http://centennialcountdown.blogspot.com/

100 Cities / 100 Memorials
is hosting a Webinar on Wed. October 19, at 3pm EST called: “Competition Briefing for Veterans Organizations”
This interactive online event is especially focused at Veterans Service Organizations who want to participate in the 100 Cities - 100 Memorials matching grant challenge. However, the information is pertinent to anyone interested in participating in the program.
The agenda will include:
- An overview of the competition - Key dates, why this matters, the benefits of participation
- Qualifying for a grant Checklist
- How to find a local WWI memorial service project
-  Special benefits of early application submittals
- Featuring a special project profile: American Legion Post 42’s Ocean Springs PERSHING SQUARE PROJECT. Hear all about an American Legion post that has produced a qualifying project and learn what they went through and some of the peripheral, and unexpected results.
- Q&A / Round table
Registration is now open for this October 19th event at 
100C/100M October 19 Registration:

More Upcoming Events:
Check out our website for events! We now have a full time staffer inputting all events-  please email halsey.hughes@worldwar1centennial.org to add your event

Norman Prince Centennial- 14 October
National Cathedral
Norman Prince Centennial and Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Service on October 14, 2016, at the Washington National Cathedral.

October 15, 2016 will be the one hundredth anniversary of the death of one of the founders of the famous Lafayette Escadrille, the French Nieuport Squadron 124, established in April 1916 with volunteer American pilots and French officers.
Norman Prince, Harvard graduate and already a trained pilot, pushed hard to form this unique unit using his wealth and influence to convince the French that an American-manned unit would help convince the neutral United States to join the Allies in the fight against the German Empire. Norman was one of the original seven Americans that formed this escadrille.
On October 15, 1916, Norman was part of the escort that protected a flight of British and French bombers. As they returned from their mission shortly after sundown that evening, Norman brought his Nieuport 11 to land at a field called Corcieux. As visibility was limited, he struck an electrical line on his approach. His undercarriage caught the wire, somersaulting the small biplane and ejecting its pilot. Norman Prince died from his injuries.
His sacrifice and the service of the Americans who flew with the French before the United States entered World War 1 are being commemorated by this centennial event.

Dennis Cross - the Centennial Countdown blog writer - will be giving a talk about the presidential election campaign at the National World War One Museum at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 23.  Not this campaign, though.  This one will be about the one that took place a hundred years ago, as President Woodrow Wilson was seeking reelection to "keep us out of war."  I hope those of you who are in Kansas City can make it.

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park

NW Arkansas Trip
Memorial Designer Joe Weishaar addresses the Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas  today at 5 pm:

The Great War Channel

Alright, as always, The Great War Channel on youtube has several great new videos up this week. Check them out at youtube.com/TheGreatWar.

  • Russian Uniforms of WW1 I THE GREAT WAR Special

  • Indirect Machine gun-Fire - Welfare Facilities I OUT OF THE TRENCHES

  • Falkenhayn Crosses The Carpathians - The Battle of Sibiu I THE GREAT WAR Week 114

The War in the Sky: Theo Mayer - ww1cc.org/warinthesky
As you know Noted Author and highly decorated combat pilot,  RG Head has contributed and is curating an amazing timeline of WWI aviation events on our national website.
You can find the timeline at ww1cc.org/warinthesky

This week’s episode will be presented by Theo Mayer, our Chief technologist.

Early in this series, we talked about the fact that the "Great War In The Sky" would seesaw back and forth between the waring nations for supremacy in the skies over europe.

Now, is clearly a period of dominance for the Germans in heavier than aircraft.
But the German command is also trying to take the terror of the war to the general population by continuing to send air ships across the channel to bomb London.

On October 1 they sent 11 zeppelins on attack. Three turned back, and the others failed to drop their bombs or scattered their bombs and british pilots  manage successful counter attacks - the idea of bringing a war to the remote citizenry of a nation is a rather horrific new page in the history of war.
Meanwhile, over the western front, Oswald Boelke continues to take the war in the sky into the new area of plane-to-plane combat.
Sensing the importance of this new sky war, this week one hundred years ago, Germany reorganizes and actually "rebrands" their effort from "The Imperial German Air Service" (Fliegertruppen des Deutschen Kaiserreiches) to the German Air Force (Luftstreitkräfte).
And so goes the Great War - In the Sky one hundred years ago this week.


The Great War Project:  Mike Shuster www.greatwarproject.org

Sync Call Minutes: www.ww1cc.org/sync-call

Join us again next week! Register here.

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