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Sync Call for Wednesday October 19, at 12pm EDT

News at a Glance

1. Commissioner Anderson sworn in

2.  Norman Prince memorial at the National Cathedral

3. Education Newsletter - October Edition publishes

4. 100 Cities / 100 Memorials Competition Briefing webinar

Read more below - Watch the video above


Sync Call Minutes
October 19, 2016

Update from the States

Western Front Association East Coast Branch will host a dedication event at the Maryland War Memorial Building on Thursday, Nov 17. we will be unveiling and dedicating the painting "Maryland Over Flanders" honoring the service of Captain Francis Warrington Gillet, DFC, RAF, a Marylander who volunteered for Britain's Royal Flying Corps and flew in combat with No. 79 Squadron during 1918.  Today, Gillet is recognized as the second most successful American flying ace of WW1 next to Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.  

We are finalizing details for California trip sometime this fall.  Hope to include a visit to both Sacramento for help with creating a state body- and also a trip to LA.  So stay tuned-  we’ll let our CA volunteers know when this

Mr. Stephen Taber visited our office yesterday- thanks Stephen for coming by!  Moving ahead there and we will engage his help in creating a New England Region.  Stay tuned for that. And let us know if you are in the DC area and want to come see our office space. It’s always great to put a face with a name.

New Jersey
We are developing a 2-minute informational video marking the 100th Anniversary of WWI for NJ Travel and Tourism (NJT&T). 
NJT&T  will be “commemorating” NJ’s role, and this video will likely start on Veteran’s Day (November 11, 2016) to be used online and possibly a PSA.

Central Region
We’re excited to announce the formation of the Central Region under the auspices of the National WWI Museum! The central region consists of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.   They are also inviting states in the south that do not yet have a region formed to attend.
The initial meeting of the central region will take place on November 4 in conjunction with the Museum’s 2016 Symposium. Museum staff is currently reaching out to representatives from region members states.
November 4-5. 2016
National WWI Museum and Memorial Annual Symposium

Questions about the Central Region? Email andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

State Outreach Collaboration Call
Our next State Outreach Collaboration Call will take place on Thursday, Nov. 3.   This call will focus on reaching out to veterans organizations in your state- we’ll have representatives from some veterans organization on the line as well as our very own Theresa Sims, who’s in charge of reaching out to veteran orgs for the Commission.
You have register ahead of time - the link is in the chatroom and the will be in the minutes.
Register for the SOCC here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5156713208829555970
Questions about the SOCC? Please email Andrew McGreal at andrew.mcgreal@worldwar1centennial.org

News and Announcements

Commissioner Anderson Swearing in:
Yesterday, the VFW’s Quartermaster General Debra Anderson Sworn In as a Commissioner to the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission.
Ms. Debra Anderson was sworn in on Monday, October 17th, 2016, as the newest Commissioner to the United States World War I Centennial Commission. She was appointed to the position by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) organization, where Ms. Anderson is the Quartermaster General. The swearing-in took place in a small ceremony hosted by the VFW National Headquarters in Kansas City.
VFW also posted a story:

Norman Prince Centennial- last Friday, Oct 14
National Cathedral
October 15, 2016 was one hundredth anniversary of the death of one of the founders of the famous Lafayette Escadrille, the French Nieuport Squadron 124, established in April 1916 with volunteer American pilots and French officers.
In attendance:

Members of the Prince Family

  • USAF
  • Embassy of France
  • Family members of other Lafayette Escadrille members
  • Terry L. Johnson
    Thanks to Terry Johnson,
    Author, Valiant Volunteers, a Novel Based on the Passion and the Glory of the Lafayette Escadrille

Washington Post article:
For an in-depth story on Prince and his deeds, check out this article on the pioneering military aviator.

Education Newsletter:
Issue #3 on American Volunteerism went out yesterday.
Make sure to sign up to receive.

WWICC Social Media- CDTVD
Mr. Chris Isleib
Countdown to Veterans Day 2016


    2,588,443 IMPRESSIONS


-Op Ed for Veterans Day

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

Sign up for our Blog Post
is hosting a Webinar on TODAY Wed. October 19, at 3pm EST called: “Competition Briefing for Veterans Organizations”
This interactive online event is especially focused at Veterans Service Organizations who want to participate in the 100 Cities - 100 Memorials matching grant challenge. However, the information is pertinent to anyone interested in participating in the program.
The agenda will include:

- An overview of the competition - Key dates, why this matters, the benefits of participation
- Qualifying for a grant Checklist
- How to find a local WWI memorial service project
-  Special benefits of early application submittals
- Featuring a special project profile: American Legion Post 42’s Ocean Springs PERSHING SQUARE PROJECT. Hear all about an American Legion post that has produced a qualifying project and learn what they went through and some of the peripheral, and unexpected results.
- Q&A / Round table

Registration is now open for this October 19th event at 
100C/100M Meeting TODAY! Register here:

More Upcoming Events:

Check out our website for events!  please email halsey.hughes@worldwar1centennial.org to add your event

October 21-22: WWI Historical Association Annual Symposium at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk
1916: Sex, Planes and Disasters!

October 27-28, 2016
Ohio State University
"War to End All Wars" at Ohio State this month
The Ohio State University Department of History, in partnership with the U.S. World War One Centen“The War to End All Wars: U.S. National World War One Centennial Symposium, 1916-2016” will be presented on the Ohio State campus on Thursday, Oct. 27, and Friday, Oct. 28. “It’s important on this 100th anniversary to recall the horrors of the war and to revisit how World War One reshaped the world as we know it,” explained Peter Mansoor, the General Raymond E. Mason, Jr. Chair of Military History at OSU.  Read more about the conference here.
We will stream the reception keynote at 5:30-6:45 pm Eastern on the 27th
And the full symposium starting 8:30 am Eastern on the 28th
Go to the registration to get the agenda and details

U.S. National World War I Centennial Symposium, 1916-2016
October 27 and 28, 2016
on the campus of The Ohio State University
Presented in collaboration with
The United States World War One Centennial Commission

National WWI Museum and Memorial Annual Symposium
November 4-5. 2016
1916: Total War

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia:
New exhibit opens November 4th, and will be traveling to New York sometime next year.

World War I and American Art- The first major exhibition devoted to exploring the ways in which American artists reacted to the First World War.
The exhibition includes 160 works by 80 artists, from 60 lenders.  Includes
paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, photographs, posters

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park - ww1cc.org/memorial

New Fundraising Video: ww1cc.org/memorial
Gary Sinise did the voiceover for our new video
60 second versions being cut.

The Great War Channel https://www.youtube.com/TheGreatWar

Alright, as always, The Great War Channel on youtube has several great new videos up this week. Check them out at youtube.com/TheGreatWar.

  • Soldiers With Glasses - Industrial Centres - Frontline Generals I OUT OF THE TRENCHES
  • - soldiers wearing glasses
  • - the different industrial centres of the major nations
  • Deadly Routine On The Italian Front - The 8th Battle Of The Isonzo I THE GREAT WAR - Week 116

The War in the Sky: Theo Mayer - ww1cc.org/warinthesky

As you know Noted Author and highly decorated combat pilot,  RG Head has contributed and is curating an amazing timeline of WWI aviation events on our national website.
You can find the timeline at ww1cc.org/warinthesky

This week’s episode about the airplanes used will be presented by Theo Mayer, our Chief technologist.

This week in the War In The Sky we are going to take a real quick look at the technology and hardware involved.
The planes that were used were being invented, engineered and changed month by month. This was the first time out for the entire idea of heavier than air machines flying in combat.
So we have a series of pictures to look at that represent what was flying in the skies over Europe 100 years ago this week.
The British used what was called a PUSHER plane. The Dehavillin was an air frame with the propeller in the back so that you could mount a machine gun in the front and aim the aircraft to shoot without the propeller getting shot off.
The French Nieuport was a more maneuverable craft and originally solved the problem of mounting the machine gun by putting it on top of the wing. Notice that in this reconstructed plane, your see the Lafayette escadrille emblem on the side. In fact, when the lafayette first received their planes, they complained loudly that there were no guns mounted. OOOPS...
A new technology called the synchronizer was introduced that lined up the machine gun firing mechanism to the prop turning mechanism so the the gun would fire when the prop was safely out of the way...
Also notice that the Nieuport uses a radial engine with the engine cylinders arranged around in a circle.
Meanwhile the Germans developed the Albatros D series. This DII shows the top wing pushed slightly forward because the pilots complained they need better sight of what was above and in front of them.
It also has an in-line engine. The albatross often had 2 synchronized machine guns mounted on the front sides of the cockpit.
Models and versions were introduced every few months as the War In The Sky raged 100 years ago this week.


The Great War Project:  Mike Shuster www.greatwarproject.org/

Join us again next week! Register here.

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