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WW1 Centennial News for Wednesday January 11, 2017- Episode #2


1. Attendees need to re-register to join WW1 Centennial New LIVE

2. New Commissioner to WW1CC appointed by American Legion - Welcome Commissioner Monahan

3. NY Times article on PAFA brings WWI into national spotlight

4. LA submits Victory Memorial Grove to 100C/100M

5. America Legion and VFW now supporting 100C/100M - that is a combined 3.7 million vets in membership

6. Our website Social Media Wall explored

7. State WW1 Commission meeting in Virginia & Texas

8. Special State Outreach Call announced regarding the National Poppy Seed program


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WW1 Centennial News - Weekly Video Podcast

January 11, 2017


Welcome to World War 1 Centennial News.
We are going to start with a little housekeeping.
As you know, we are rebranding the show to WW1 Centennial news. In a few weeks we are going to start syndicating it as a podcast that you can subscribe to on iTunes and other podcast sources.
What does that mean?
Podcasts have been around for years but are really growing in popularity right now. It’s because when you subscribe, and the shows automatically download to your smart phone - so all the episodes for that subscription are there waiting for you at your convenience.
So last week we introduced the new look and format. For those of you that were there,  the live show was a little rough, BUT… I’d like to invite you to take a listen to the edited podcast at ww1cc.org/sync-call
Justin - would you post that in the chat room please…

On the good news front, one of the things we have now figured out is how to play videos to the live webinar audience. This has been a challenge up to now, but we have tested it and it works.
Unfortunately, this means we are going to have to ask everyone to re-register to the webinar. Justin is putting the link in now, and we will be sending out an email notice reminding all that THIS specific webinar URL will be shut down and the new used starting next week. As before, you’ll only need to register once to join use weekly.
We appreciate your live participation and are working on some ideas to get you more involved each week.
We are also going to have  a little more relaxed atmosphere on the show, so we may chit-chat among the show crew and with you a little more.
New Registration Link:
Thanks again for being with us, and growing with us. And without further delay… Here is Theresa Sims our host for this week as she dives into our news from the commission.

World War One NOW

Commission News

New WW1CC Commissioner
We will start our program today with some exciting news from around the commission. A longtime leader in The American Legion has been appointed to serve on the United States World War One Centennial Commission. John D. Monahan of Essex, Conn., was recently selected for the appointment by American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt. Monahan will be officially sworn in as a commissioner at the nation’s capital during the Legion’s Washington Conference in late February. Monahan replaces the late Commissioner and American Legion representative James Whitfield, who passed away in December 2016. Welcome to the team!

Education - Teaching & Learning

Four Questions for Terry Krautwurst
Preserving the legacy of the Great War and those who served in it can be a daunting task. But there are those among us who are selfless enough to tackle this task regardless. Terry Krautwurst of New York is one such person. Terry, personally researched and created a biographical profile for every one of the 65 men, and one woman (a nurse), from Genesee County who had died in service during World War One. The project encompassed eight binders, about 100,000 words of biographical text, and newspaper articles and archival documents pertaining to each person. Our Director of Public Affairs, Chris Isleib, asked Terry about his project and we have that interview available for you to read on our site. If you would like for us to bring Terry on the show to talk about his project - let us know in the chat room.

Activities & Events

There is so much going on as far as World War One events this week. We know this because of our National Events Registry. Listeners from around the country have been adding their local events and we encourage you to join them. Visit our registry page to submit your event. Get the word out about your event today!

So Theresa - I’d like to show the folks how they can use the register - (demo setting dates)

International Report

In our international report….
Third Battle of Ypres Commemorative Event
This July, there will be two large-scale commemorative events to commemorate the Third Battle of Ypres. During this battle, more than half a million troops - 325,000 Allied troops and 260,000 Germans – were killed at Passchendaele. The ceremonies will take place over several days and for those of you willing to make the trip to Belgium, tickets are now available. So, act quickly.

In another story

World War One Tabloid Cartoonist
First World War cartoons by one of Britain's most popular 20th century illustrators whose work inspired millions of people have been unearthed 100 years later. Joseph Morewood Staniforth produced more than 1,300 newspaper cartoons during the Great War. Following his death in 1921, he was described by Prime Minister Lloyd George as 'one of the most distinguished cartoonists of his generation whose patriotic cartoons had 'rendered a great national service'. Take a moment and see his work.
LINK: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4092038/First-World-War-sketches-one-Britain-s-tabloid-cartoonists-work-inspired-millions-people-unearthed-100-years-later.html

Sarıkamış Commemorative Walk
And in a World War 1 commemoration story from Turkey, over the weekend a different type of commemorative event took place. In the easternmost Turkish province of Kars, citizens hit the streets on Sunday to commemorate the disastrous Sarıkamış campaign of World War I during which 90,000 soldiers froze to death. The Sarıkamış offensive undertaken by the Ottoman high command was the first military operation of the empire in World War I. We’ll leave the link to this article in the chat room so please take moment to read it when you get a chance.
LINK: http://www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2017/01/09/nation-walks-in-memory-of-fallen-world-war-i-soldiers

Spotlight on the Media

New York Times Article: World War I — The Quick. The Dead. The Artists
Here at World War One Centennial News, we work hard to make sure to get the word out on the first World War. In line with that, we would like to shine a spotlight on interesting articles each week. Today, let’s look at the last Sunday’s New York Times called “World War I — The Quick. The Dead. The Artists”. It talks about Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts traveling World War One Exhibit WWI and American Art. We are glad to see a mainstream American media outlet giving this topic the time and effort it deserves. Please go to their website, read this article so that the New York times and other places like it can see that this subject matters.  BTW, the exhibit will be traveling to NYC and Nashville later in the year.

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

Save the Victory Memorial Grove Project
We have an update from 100 Cities / 100 Memorials. In California, Courtland Jindra is spearheading the “Save the Victory Memorial Grove project”. The memorial site in question is located  just west of Chavez Ravine, home of Dodger Stadium. The LA Parks Commission dedicated the present five-acre Victory Memorial Grove on August 2, 1920 with much of the land donated by a former regent of the CA State Daughters of the American Revolution. The 100 Cities project brings together the Hollywood American Legion Post 43, The Southern California Daughters of the American Revolution and the Los Angeles Department of Recreations and Parks. Head over to the 100 Cities / 100 memorials blog site to find out more information and see the site itself.

100 C / 100 M In the News
We put out a press release last week about the VFW and American Legion supporting the program… There is a copy of the release in the documents section of the webinar.
As you see from the screenshot, the Baltimore Post Examiner is one of the papers that is running the story.
We are very excited that the two largest veterans groups in the United States, with a combined membership of 3,700,000, have signed on to support our 100 cities / 100 memorials initiative. Read the press release and get involved in your community.
Grab the press release and pass it on. We’d like for everyone to know about the program.
LINK: http://baltimorepostexaminer.com/american-legion-vfw-support-rescue-world-war-i-memorials

The Buzz - Social Media

You may not know this, but you can look at all our social media feeds on one page of the web site. Justin- would you please post that link.
Let’s take a look. On Facebook, we posted about:

  1. Sergeant Stubby, one of the most decorated service dogs in history.
    1. http://www.jmarkpowell.com/sgt-stubby-canine-combat-hero/
  2. We also, talked about a World War One monument in Rhode Island that is finally getting the attention and care it needs.
    1. http://www.ricentral.com/narragansett_times/war-monument-at-hazard-school-needs-attention/article_ccb0417a-d428-11e6-9f28-0795c090c43d.html

On Twitter posted about:

  1. A new anthology of World War 1 literature is  arriving at the Library of America this week.
    1. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/818058951854063616
  2. Next, the Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is constantly in the process of building our historical archives. This is an important project in that it tells the story of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
    1. https://t.co/o01n8pRttw

If you aren’t following us already, please do so now. It’s a great way to learn about what’s going on with the Great War in between shows. You can find us on twitter @WW1CC and on Facebook at World War One Centennial Commission.

Updates From the States

Now it’s time for some updates from the states.
Virginia WWI & WWII Commemoration Commission
Yesterday, the Virginia WWI & WWII Commemoration Commission held an update session for partners to share information about all the programs happening this year across the state.

Texas WWi Centennial Planning Conference
This coming February 3rd, the state of  Texas will be having a state-wide WWI Centennial planning conference in Austin. The goal of this conference will be to help people initiate or refine plans for your organization or community to commemorate the role of Texas and Texans at the start of American involvement in the war.
Link: http://www.texasworldwar1centennial.org
If you live in either of these states, we encourage you to go get involved.

Special State Outreach Seminar - Poppy See Program
Finally, On January 19th, we will having a special state outreach seminar. This seminar will cover our upcoming National Poppy Seed sale program that will help us both raise funds for the National WW1 Memorial in Pershing Park, and will provide a tool to our volunteers and partners to raise funds for their own organization and to engage the American people in WW1 commemoration. Make sure you mark your calendars for this one. You find a link that will lead you to more information about the poppy seed sale in the chatroom.
LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByWh94OVAOx3M0dUZDNSWnVfdzRWc29nQjBqQ203OXhsRlVZ/view

World War One Then

Now, let’s turn back the clock to one hundred years ago.

100 Years Ago This Week

In a story from the middle east. The battle of Rafa was fought on January 9, 1917. This Battle was the third and final battle to complete the recapture of the Sinai Peninsula by British forces during the Sinai and Palestine campaign of the First World War.The Battle of Rafa pushed the Ottoman Forces out of the Sinai Peninsula. Rafa is now on the border of Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The Great War Channel

The Great War Channel on youtube has several new videos up this week. This week they have:

  1. Romanian & Greek Weapons of World War 1
  2. Spy Networks - Public Opinion - Conscription
  3. The World At War 1917

For those of you that have never checked them out, you can find the link to their YouTube page in the chatroom.

War in the Sky

Next, let’s find out what was happening this, in the skies over Europe with the War In The Sky segment. Take it away Theo.
This week 100 years ago - the story about the war in the sky starts on the seas.
The British ship the HMS Ben-my-Chree was one of the new "seaplane carriers".
She started life as a 2500 passenger liner, but was requisitioned by the Royal Navy in January 2015 for the war effort.
The forward upper part of the forecastle was fitted with a fly-off ramp for launching sea planes. She would carry four to six of them.
These sea planes were used as an offensive weapon against German Zeppelins - but in this era of tumultuous weapons development, they soon were used to launch 14" torpedoes - A plane launched from the Ben-my-Chree was the first to sink a ship with such a plane launched weapon bringing in the era of the torpedo bomber.
On January 11th, 1917 while sitting in harbor at anchor in Kasterlorgio harbor in Turkey, she was hit by turkish shore batteries and capsized.
And that was the great war in the sky 100 years ago this week.

Great War Project

Next, in our WW1 THEN section we will hear from Mike Shuster and his Great War Project blog:  
Mike, what is the headline of the story this week?

That’s all for today.
Thanks Mike and thank you all for joining us today.
We will be mailing out a link for you to see the edited Podcast for this week’s World War 1 Centennial News. We hope you like the new format and we look forward to seeing you here again next week.
And as you are always suppose to remind audiences - Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook, subscribe to the Weekly Dispatch, drive carefully and have a great week.


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