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WW1 Centennial News for Wednesday January 18, 2017- Episode #3


1. Poppy Seed giveaway at Presidential inaugural

2. 369th experience website live

3. WWrite Blog launches

4. Michigan website live

5. Update on US National Memorial at Pershing Park


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WW1 Centennial News - Weekly Video Podcast

January 18, 2017


Hi…. Welcome World War 1 Centennial News, our weekly update on WW1 NOW - News about the centennial commemoration and WW1 THEN - what happened 100 years ago this week.
During the show, we will be posting links to each of our stories in the chat room - and we’re editing the show into a weekly video podcast that you’ll be able to subscribe to staring in February… the video and the links for today’s show are goint to be available on our website at ww1cc.org/cn in about 48 hours.
Today is January 18, 2017 - we have Justin managing the chat room and your question. I am Theo Mayer and your host today is Theresa Simms -

Hey Theresa - what do you have for us today.

World War One NOW

Commission News

Poppy Seeds at the Inauguration
On Friday groups of doughboy reenactors and volunteers from the Commission will be at key corners and metro stops handing out poppy seed packets. Using poppies as a traditional symbol of veteran remembrance began 100 years ago John McCrae’s WW1 poem "In Flanders Fields". Look for doughboys near the metro, get a pack and plant the seeds this spring.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news/1731-poppies-in-dc-during-inauguration.html

WW1CC Social Media Director
A new article on the website this week introduces our Social Media Director, Katherine Akey.  Kathy came to us from her graduate school studies in photography. She is passionate about history, archaeology and the arts in general. As a new media pro, and a volunteer, she built the Centennial Commission's Instagram account from the ground up. Now she is taking on a bigger role for all the Commission’s social media. We appreciate all her hard work and we encourage you to get to know her better by reading the interview.
[If you’re listening Kathy - come join us on the show next week and let’s talk social media!]
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news/1733-four-questions-for-kathy-akey.html

Welcome 369th Experience web site
Congratulations to the 369th experience, who have launched their commission web site at ww1cc.org/369th.  This commision endorsed initiative celebrates the 369th regimental band - originally consisted of 65 African American and Puerto Rican members. They are credited with introducing Jazz to Europe.
Learn more about the 369th and this interesting program by checking out the new site.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/369th-experience.html


Articles & Posts

WWrite Blog
This week we are introducing a new blog, WWrite.  Theo had a chance to chat with Jennifer Orth-Veillon, the curator. We are going to play the video interview for you now.
Jennifer Interview.
Justin is going to post 2 links - one directly to the blog and the other to an introductory article about it in our news section]

Link to Blog:


Updates from the States

Now for some updates from the states
Congratulations to Michigan. Their World War One Centennial Website is up and running.  To talk more about what is going with the Michigan WW1 Centennial and the new website, we are joined by Dennis Skupinski.
Dennis welcome
Dennis is posting videos under Michigan in WW1 Articles. It looks like he is making a monthly video report on Michigan activities - First of a kind from a state.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/michigan-in-ww1-home-page.html

International Report

Now on the WW1 Today around the globe with our international report
First we focus on the United Kingdom.
The headline reads: Streets evacuated after punter takes unexploded World War One bomb into pub in Swansea
this  is something we don’t think about in the US.
In Wales, a local gambler took an unexploded World War One bomb into a bar after buying it to be used as a doorstop. It turns out the bomb was still live. The South Wales police were called in to deal with the device and the residents were evacuated. [ad lib] seriously, unexploded ordinance is a REAL problem and 100 years later it is STILL an unwanted legacy of WW1 in many parts of europe!
Link: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2593143/world-war-one-bomb-pub-swansea-pontardawe/

In another story the headline reads: Rarely seen photographs of Mesopotamia taken by British soldiers during the First World War's Arab Revolt emerge for auction
The centennial is bringing up a lot of new images and artifacts. Rarely seen photographs of the Arab revolt, are due to be auctioned off this month.The images were taken by Harry Druquer between 1917 to 1919 - They show British forces in Mesopotamia, known today as Iraq. He also kept seven diaries.The photographs and diaries, and ink maps, are being auctioned in London on January 25. We are showing you some of the images now. Check the link.
Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4117512/The-Iraq-Lawrence-Arabia-knew-Rarely-seen-photographs-Mesopotamia-taken-British-soldiers-World-War-s-Arab-Revolt-emerge-auction.html

First World War battle tank commander’s papers published
Also from the UK… Another Great War artifact has recently been uncovered. The papers of a Somme tank commander, Major Allen Holford-Walker, have been published by the National Army Museum. His papers, which include photos, diaries and letters, give a first-hand account of the earliest days of tank warfare, as the British struggled to with their new weapon. Considering how the tank is now a staple of modern warfare, it’s interesting to hear about this vehicle's early days.
Link: http://www.farnhamherald.com/article.cfm?id=116761&headline=First%20World%20War%20battle%20tank%20commander%E2%80%99s%20papers%20published&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

ABMC assumes ownership of Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Cemetery
This week, news from France and Washington DC - The American Battle Monuments Commission officially assumed ownership and responsibility for the Lafayette Escadrille Memorial Cemetery. It is the 9th commemorative World War One cemetery administered by the agency. Members of the ABMC gathered last week in a special ceremony in Paris to complete the transfer. The Cemetery commemorates the birthplace of American combat aviation, and serves as a symbol of the Franco-American comradeship during World War One.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news/1730-abmc-assumes-ownership-of-lafayette-escadrille-memorial-cemetery.html

Museum for Islamic Art Presents Latest Exhibit by Local Artist Dor Guez
Our last story in our International Report comes from the Middle East. The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem will be presenting an exhibition by Dor Guez. The exhibition is part of series titled “The Sick Man of Europe.” Guez’s exhibit examines the history of nation-states that arose on the ruins of the Ottoman empire. He does this with personal stories of artists and intellectuals who ceased their creative activity in the wake of the events that befell their people. The Sick Man of Europe: The Composer runs January 12 through April 8. For more info visit the links in the chatroom.
Link: www.islamicart.co.il


US National Memorial At Pershing Park

Dale Interview
Next, from right here in Washington DC… we have an update from Dale Archer, Project Manager for the US National Memorial at Pershing Park.
Dale interview
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/honor/national-wwi-memorial.html

The Buzz

Here the buzz from social media this week.
[Theo can you bring up our social media feed?]
Now it is time for us to turn back the clock 100 years to World War One THEN.

World War One Then


The Great War Channel

We’ll start with the Great War Channel on youtube whose videos this week are:

  1. The Kingdom of Hungary in WW1
  2. American Elections - Ottoman Sultan - Austro-German Relations
  3. No Peace For The Wicked
  4. Luigi Cadorna - The Generalissimo

[you know we meet with the series producer every month to talk about what they are up to. We are going to try to get Indy nidel on the show sometime soon to say a few words]


War in the Sky

Next, let’s find out what was happening this week, in the skies over Europe and the War In The Sky segment. Take it away Theo.

Last year, until November, we spoke a great deal about Oswald Boelke - and how he generally defined the tactics and maneuvers of air-to-air combat with his "Dicta Boelke". It is fair to say that he was the father of the aerial combat. He was so highly regarded by the german high command that they named his fighter squadron after him - Jasta Boelke.
In late summer of 2016, introduced by his brother, a fresh young pilot met his hero - Oswald Boelke. and as a result of that meeting he was invited to join Boelke's squadon. This young man was Manfred von Richthofen and it was in Boelke's squadron that he learned - or earned his flying skills. As you may remember Boelke died in late October of 2016.
On January 14th, 2017, less than 3 months after, the German High command, desperate for a new hero of the skies, transferred the promising young ace, Manfred von Richthofen out of Jasta Boelcke , and made him commander of his own squadron -  Jasta 11. Under his leadership, Jasta 11 went on to become the highest scoring German fighter squadron of the war downing 350 enemy planes.
And that began in the great war in the sky 100 years ago this week.


Great War Project

Next, in our WW1 THEN section we will hear from Mike Shuster and his Great War Project blog:  
Mike, what is the headline of the story this week?
That’s all for today.
I want to thank all of our guests today, Dale Archer, Dennis Skupinski, Dr. Jennifer Orth-Veillon, Mike Shuster. Also, thank you all for joining us today.



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Our twitter and instagram handles are both @ww1cc and we are on facebook @ww1centennial.
Thanks for joining us. and….
Don’t forget to commemorate!
So long.


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