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WW1 Centennial News for Wednesday March 22, 2017- Episode #12


1. Wilson Cabinet votes to enter war

2. Commission Press Conference on April 6 Event in KC

3. VFW presents $100,000 donation to WW1CC for event

4. WW1CC.org/April6 website launches

5. National Archive launches App that provides access to unseen WWI treasure

6. 100C/100M project spotlight on LA’s Victory Memorial Grove Project

7. WWrite blog - Military veteran author and director of the Center for Women Veterans at VA, Kayla Williams contributes article

8. Much more...


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WW1 Centennial News - Weekly Video Podcast

World War One Centennial News:
March 22, 2017

World War One THEN

100 Year Ago This Week

Wilson’s Cabinet Unanimously Backs War
Headline: Wilson’s Cabinet Unanimously Backs War
The sinking of three American ships, one of which was without warning and the deaths of American citizens on the high seas, had boxed Wilson into a corner. The Germans showed no signs that they were willing to back down despite repeated warnings, even if this meant a confrontation with US Navy. On March 20, Wilson met with his Cabinet and they reluctantly decided that military solution would be needed.  Wilson called for an extraordinary session of Congress to convene on April 2, to hear “a communication concerning grave matters of national policy.”  Wilson had decided to take the United States to war.
Link: http://today-in-wwi.tumblr.com/post/158629628013/wilsons-cabinet-unanimously-backs-war

French Government Resigns
On the other side of the pond - things in France are really beginning to fall apart. Prime Minister, Aristide Briand - is just barely clinging onto power.
The recently appointed commander-in-chief, Robert Nivelle, does not carry much authority in the government and on top of that to that he is subordinate, to General Lyautey, the Minister for War.
It was a house of cards and the good General resigns one hundred years ago this week, Then… a few days later the prime minister resigns… Their departure starts a spiral that just continues to weaken the French government.
Link: http://today-in-wwi.tumblr.com/post/158520105163/french-government-resigns

The Great War Project

So let’s continue our journey through the turmoil with Mike Shuster from the Great War Project blog - Mike - I saw your post - Russian is in revolution, the French government is falling apart and the americans have had it with the German ship attacks. Tell us about your post!
Headlines read: Turmoil Among the Allies
Who Will Fight the War Now?

The Great War in the Sky

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the war in the skies over France.
100 years ago this week in the great war in the sky, we meet Sgt. James McConnel. After attending the University of Virginia as an undergrad plus one year in law school,  he went back home to Carthage North Carolina to join his family...
Then in 1915 he joined the ambulance corps in France, but soon applied for aviation training. By fall 1915 six Americans were serving as full fledged pilots for the French. It was during this period that McConnel suffered a back injury. I have read two accounts - one says from a bad landing the other says he fell off of something - we'll stick stick a bad landing - but that is not the interesting part... it was during his convalescence, that he decided to pen a book called "Flying for the French" - a personal memoir of combat - in the early days of the war in the sky.
It was on March 19, 1917 McConnell was flying in the area of the Somme when two German planes came up on him and shot him down costing him his life.
He was the last American pilot of the Lafayette Escadrille to die under French colors before America entered the war in April,1917.
Both the plane and his body were recovered by the French, and he was buried at the site near the village of Jussy, ... and later at his father's request, he was reinterred at the Lafayette Escadrille memorial near Paris.
Among his remembrances, the alumni of Virginia and some friend commission a distinctive statue called the Aviator by sculptor ( gutem Borglam ) Gutzon Borgium  - It now adorns the grounds at the University of Virginia... And it just so happens that one of our friends from Virginia - Dr. Lynn Rainville - who holds the awesome tile of being a Digital Humanist, Historian, & Anthropologist - sent us a note that UVA just hosted a ceremony in honor of McConnel - Her associate Stephen miller sent us great photos . it's a striking statue -  and it honors an aviator who died in France one hundred years ago this week.
We invite you to learn more about the war in the sky from RG heads wonderful timeline that you'll find at ww1cc.org/warinthesky

The Great War Channel

On to YouTube - Our friends from Germany’s Mediakraft Networks produce - - - The Great War channel on YouTube. The channel shows you the history of the First World War, exactly 100 years ago - from a european perspective. Host Indy Nidell takes you back week by week and shows you what was going on in the past. We encourage our listeners to check it out.
This week on the Great War Channel the new episodes include:

  1. The Backbone of Total War - Trains in WW1
  2. British Weapons of World War 1
  3. Crucified Soldier - RMS Olympic - Somme Cavalry
  4. The Tsar Abdicates - Baghdad Falls


World War One NOW

Commission News

Yesterday March 21, we held a Press Conference announcing:
In Sacrifice for Liberty and Peace:
Centennial Commemoration of the U.S. Entry into World War I
Hosted by the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission
And on April 6, 2017, it is being held at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO
There is a special edition of WW1 Centennial news of the press conference and the video is posted at ww1cc.org/cn

We also launched the Sacrifice For Freedom and Peace website.
You’ll find it at ww1cc.org/april6 - all lower case.
The site is full of information and resources for the event in KC…
The home page has a great overview of the event - Let me show you the site
First of all - if you’d like to attend, you can reserve tickets from the side menu under “Attend the Ceremony”
Another useful feature is the Events Around The Country menu.
Here you will find a few days in april pulled out of our US WW1 Centennial national events register.
There is a lot going on around the country - If your event is not listed - go to ww1cc.org/events and click the big red button to submit your event to the register.
More on the site next week.
Link: www.ww1cc.org/april6

In a press release the headline reads:
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (March 21, 2017) – The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. proudly presented a $100,000 donation today to the World War I Centennial Commission in support of the upcoming “Centennial Commemoration of the U.S. Entry into World War I” event on April 6. The donation represents the VFW’s long-standing dedication to ensuring the service and sacrifice of America’s service men and women are never forgotten.
The presentation was led by Debra Anderson, VFW quartermaster general and commissioner with the World War I Centennial Commission. This also served to reinforce the collective support the VFW has pledged for the World War I Centennial Commemoration.
There will me more posts on this on our website - but we want to say thank you again… both to the VFW and to the Pritzker Military Museum and Library our founding sponsor. Without these great institutions generosity, we would not be able to do the things we do…

Updates from the States

This week, the Michigan state commission has released their monthly  WW1 Centennial News Report for February. These short videos cover a new section of Michigan’s impact in the war. This month stop by and see what they have to say about the 32nd Division which was made up of Michigan and Wisconsin National Guardsmen
Their website is at ww1cc.org/michigan all lower case.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/centennial-news-reports-video.html

Alabama Senate has approved two resolutions for their local centennial commission. The first, marks the beginning of the American Centennial period and honored Alabama’s response to wartime. The second, honored the service of Honorary Chairman Nimrod Frazer to the state through the creation of the Croix Rouge Farm memorial, his book “Send the Alabamians”, and two additional WWI monuments to be installed in Montgomery this year. Congratulations to Mr. Frazer and Alabama Commission.
Their website is at ww1cc.org/alabama all lower case of course!
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/alabama-wwi-blog.html

International Report

Turkey marks 102nd anniversary of Gallipoli victory
In Turkey the headlines read: Turkey marks 102nd anniversary of Gallipoli victory. Over the weekend, the Turkish people celebrated Çanakkale Victory Day. This year marked the 102 year anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, a military campaign which eventually turned the tide in favor of the Ottoman Empire fighting against the Allied Powers during the First World War. The victory gave Turkey a massive morale boost which enabled it to wage a war of independence and eventually, in 1923, form a republic.
Link: http://www.yenisafak.com/en/news/turkey-marks-102nd-anniversary-of-gallipoli-victory-2630252

100 Cities / 100  Memorials

Last week Bill Betten, the Co director of the California World War One Centennial Taskforce  was on WW1 Centennial News. This week, one of his cohorts - Courland Jindra is here to tell us about the Los Angeles Victory Memorial Grove Project. Hey jindra - how are you?
Jindra - interestingly enough - Jindra - you took me up to Memorial grove and I brought my drone with me..  Well look at some of that footage while you tell us a little about the project and where it stands today.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/100-cities-100-memorials-blog/110-save-victory-memorial-grove-a-los-angeles-memorial-restoration-project-submitted-to-100-cities-100-memorials.html

Now for some articles and posts

Articles & Posts

Interview with Lou Leto
This week we posted  an interview with Lou Leto, of DC's National Cryptologic Museum. Cryptology was a huge part of the World War I effort, yet the story is one that is not widely known. In this interview Lou talks about the activities that the National Cryptologic Museum are planning for the World War I Centennial. These activities include some interesting new exhibits, and fascinating public programs.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news/2041-four-questions-for-lou-leto.html

48 Fallen 48 Found Project
Next we have an article titled - 48 fallen - 48 found object.
Kansas State University Alumni Jed Dunham,  honors the 48 students from Kansas State who had died in the First World War. This story is unique, and he gave us a rundown on his project, in his own words. Stop by the commission’s site to read more.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news/2042-48-fallen-48-found.html

French Embassy to host series of World War I-themed events in NYC
Next the title reads: French Embassy to host series of World War I-themed events in NYC
One hundred years after the United States enters WW1, the French Embassy seeks to shed light on this momentous occasion through a series of exhibitions, talks, concerts, and screenings beginning in New York City and continuing across the US throughout 2017.
The full list of events is now available on our site. These will be wonderful and poignant events - we hope you can attend one or many.
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news/2043-french-embassy-to-host-a-series-of-world-war-i-themed-events-in-nyc.html

WWrite Blog
This week's WWrite Blog features acclaimed veteran writer Kayla Williams as she presents Loretta Perfectus Walsh, the first enlisted woman in the U.S. Military. Williams is the director of the Center for Women Veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and author of the acclaimed memoir, "Love My Rifle More Than You." In her post, Williams discusses the pathbreaking military career of Loretta Perfectus Walsh in WWI. She was the first woman to officially enlist, as a woman, earning equal pay and benefits. This is another unique story from the war and it should not be missed.
Also this week, in the Writerly News with focus on Navy yeoman Jerri Bell, the Women Veterans Writing Workshop of Tampa Bay, and a list of Women's History Month reading suggestions
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/articles-posts/2034-loretta-walsh.html

Education - Teaching & Learning

Markus Most on NARA Remembering WW1 App
I have been tracking this project for almost 2 years - and now it is here - it’s a WW1 educational app called “Remembering WW1” and it is brought to you by US National Archive. Here to tell us more about it is Markus Most from NARA - also known as the National Archive - Markus - walk us through this delightful - AND FREE app!! Welcome to the show Markus
Link: http://www.worldwar1centennial.org/index.php/communicate/press-media/wwi-centennial-news.html

The Buzz - Social Media Posts

Welcome to the BUZZ section - our social media posts with Katherine Akey - Hi Katherine -------- -  what’s hot on our social media conversation wall?




Thanks Katherine.

Great! That’s it for today. Thank you to
Mike Shuster from the Great War Project,

Courtland Jindra from the California Task Force,
Markus Most from the National Archive
Katherine Akey from our Social Media team
And Justin Mickens  our line producer for the show
Thank you all for you time, wisdom and efforts in bringing all this information to everyone.

WW1 Centennial News is brought to you by the US WW1 Centennial Commission and the commission’s founding sponsor the Pritzker Military Museum and Library. The videos can be found at ww1cc.org/cn. Don’t forget to sign up for our  eNewsletter the Weekly DISPATCH.
Our twitter and instagram handles are both @ww1cc and we are on facebook @ww1centennial.
Thanks for joining us. and….
Don’t forget to commemorate!
So long.


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