WW1 Centennial News for July 6, 2018 - Episode #79

WWI era George S. PattonYoung WWI Tank Commander, Captain George S. Patton

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Highlights: July 1918 Preview

  • 100 Years ago: July 1918 overview - Theo Mayer, Katherine Akey & Dr. Edward Lengel | @02:10
  • Great War Project: Changing Landscape of the War - Mike Shuster | @18:15
  • Commission News: Armistice Centennial Participation App | @22:25
  • Remembering Veterans: Doughboy MIA - Rob Laplander | @ 23:35
  • Spotlight on the Media: Lost Voices - Michael Collins and Martin King | @31:05
  • Speaking WW1: Zero Hour | @36:20
  • 100 Cities / 100 Memorials: Patton and the US Tank Corps Project - Karlen Morris & Sgt. Phil Wilburn | @ 38:05
  • WW1 Tech: Trench Club | @43:30
  • Articles & Posts from the Weekly Dispatch Newsletter | @45:35
  • The Buzz: The Centennial in Social Media - Katherine Akey | @48:20

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PODCAST NOTES: Guest links and our research

World War One Then

100 Years Ago: Roundtable

Dr. Ed Lengel, Katherine Akey, and Theo Mayer preview the key developments and themes of July 1918.

The Great War Project

On the Italian Front, the Allies utilize airpower to stymie an Austrian offensive. On the Western Front, as Americans continue to prove their mettle in crucial battles, Pershing becomes convinced that America must “assume the initiative” if the Allies are to win the war.  


World War One Now

Commission News  


Remembering Veterans

Rob Laplander, Managing Director of Doughboy MIA, joins us to talk about ongoing efforts to research the fate and service of missing WW1 soldiers.




Spotlight on the Media

Authors Michael Collins and Martin King discuss their new book, The Lost Voices: The Untold Stories of America's World War I Veterans and Their Families, which looks at WW1 through the eyes of Americans who witnessed it.


100 Cities/100 Memorials

Karlen Morris and Phil Wilburn join the show to discuss the Patton and the U.S. Tank Corps Monument, located in Fort Knox, Kentucky.





Speaking WW1

This week on Speaking WW1, our phrase is ‘Zero-hour’, the precise start time of an operation.



WW1 Tech

For WW1 Tech, we take a look at the crude but effective Trench Club.





Articles and Posts

The headlines from this week’s Dispatch newsletter: Fighting Father Duffy Remembered, Historic fireboat in NYC turned into Floating Work of WWI-inspired Art, Navy Cross Nurses: Inspiring Heroism During the Influenza Epidemic of 1918, Warriors in Khaki: Wyoming Indian Doughboys who served in World War I, and  this week’s Story of Service featuring Emmett George Hoyt. Also, check out our official merchandise!  



The Buzz

Katherine Akey highlights our recent social media activity, including two popular articles on Facebook about the short-lived WW1 Victory Arch in NYC (the Daily Beast) and a deadly fire at a New York munitions plant (Syracuse.com).




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