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WW1 Centennial News for August 10, 2018 - Episode #84

In WWI Japan fought on the side of the allies, declaring war in August 1914. Here Japanese and American Doctors and Nurses gather for a photo.In WWI Japan fought on the side of the allies, declaring war in August 1914. Here Japanese and American Doctors and Nurses gather for a photo.

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Highlights: Japan in WWI

  • Japan in WWI - Dr. Frederick Dickinson | @02:15
  • Chaos on the Eastern Front - Mike Shuster | @10:05
  • The 28th Division: Pennsylvania National Guard doughboys fight - Dr. Edward Lengel | @13:50
  • Great War Channel three month retrospective - Indy Neidell | @20:05
  • Battle of Amiens Commemoration - Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge & others | @21:50
  • WW1 War Tech: Dazzle Camouflage | @24:40
  • Special Report: 1418NOW Dazzle Ship Series - Tamsin Dillon & Emma Enderby | @30:05
  • 100 Cities / 100 Memorials: Iowa - Timothy Lane | @38:00
  • Speaking WWI: The Third Light | @43:50
  • Dispatch Newsletter: Highlights and Headlines | @45:05
  • The Buzz: The Commemoration in Social Media - Katherine Akey | @48:20

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PODCAST NOTES: Guest links and our research


World War One Then

100 Years Ago

Dr. Frederick Dickinson, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Japan expert, joins the show to discuss that country’s pivotal role in the Great War.

Great War Project

The war enters a chaotic phrase across the world, as several foreign armies fight for territory in disintegrated Russia and German troops begin to surrender en masse in the West.

America Emerges: Military Stories from WW1

The U.S. 28th Division engages the Germans in heavy street fighting for the towns of Fismes and Fismette.

The Great War Channel

Watch the Great War Channel for a succinct summary of the events of May, June, and July 2018.

World War One Now

Commission News

Commission staffers took part in commemoration events for the centennial of the Battle of Amiens in France. Visit our international page to catch up on all the action.

International Report

Tamsin Dillon and Emma Enderby join the show to discuss the Dazzle Ship Series project.

WW1 War Tech

The subject of this week’s installment of War Tech is Dazzle Camouflage.

100 Cities/100 Memorials

Iowa WWI Centennial Committee Co-Chair Timothy Lane talks about Iowa in WWI, and two memorials in that state.

Speaking WW1

Our phrase this week is “Third Light”, referring to the potentially deadly consequences of lighting a third cigarette in a trench.

Articles and Posts

The headlines from this week’s dispatch newsletter: Bells of Peace participation continues to grow, ‘Women in the Marines’, WW1 Centennial coin sets and silver medals from the US Mint, Purple Hearts and the First World War, and the story of doughboy Charles Benjamin Mead.

The Buzz

On social media this week, the discussion mainly revolves around the Battle of Amiens and events commemorating it.


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