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WW1 Centennial News for October 5, 2018 - Episode #92

German Avian Intelligence - Pigeons started to go high tech in WWIGerman Avian Intelligence - Pigeons started to go high-tech in WWI

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Highlights: October 1918 Overview

Host: Theo Mayer

  • October 1918 Overview Roundtable - Dr.Edward Lengel & Katherine Akey | @03:55
  • Historians Corner: Lost Battalion - Ron Laplander | @20:00
  • Shifting sands and hard fighting - Mike Shuster | @26:40
  • Commission News: Honor & Remember in Chicago - Host | @31:24
  • Commission News: Bells of Peace update - Host | @32:15
  • State Profile: Georgia - Dr. Tom Jackson | @33:40
  • Remembering Veterans: Story of John Foster - Mark Foster | @41:10
  • US Army CMH WWI Website - Dr. Erik Villard | @47:20
  • Spotlight On The Media 1: Dr. Edward Lengel | @52:40
  • Spotlight On The Media 2: Lost Battalion Documentary - Mark Fastoso & John King | @55:20
  • WWI War Tech: Pigeons - Host | @60:00
  • Articles & Posts: Weekly Dispatch - Host | @65:05
  • The Buzz: Selections from Social Media - Katherine Akey | @67:45


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Producer & Host: Theo Mayer

Line Producer: Katherine Akey

Interview editing: Mac Nelsen and Tim Crowe

Research: JL Michaud

Intern: Rachel Hurt



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