WW1 Centennial News for December 28, 2018 - Episode #103

New Year Poster from 1919New Year Poster from 1919

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Favorite Segments of 2018 - Part 1

Episode #103

Host: Theo Mayer

This New Year week, and next week, we have a two-episode special for you.

We have pulled together some of our favorite stories and segments from 2018!

They are presented in chronological order. Part 1 comes out this week - the last week of 2018, and Part 2 will publish next week - the first week of 2019.

This episode includes:

  • January 11,  Episode #54
    Looking ahead at 2018 & Wilson’s 14 points. |@ 01:10

  • Same week, Episode #54
    “A Century In The Making” with Sabin Howard |@ 05:15

  • March 2, Episode #61
    March 1917 preview roundtable with Dr. Edward Lengel, Katherine Akey and myself |@ 11:25

  • In the same episode #61,
    The fighting in Russia with Mike Shuster |@ 22:45

  • March 9, Episode #63
    Alvin Yorks Crisis of Conscience with Dr. Edward Lengel |@ 26:25

  • April 4 Episode #66
    War in The Sky - PTSD among the pilots with Mark Wilkins |@ 33:10

  • May 4  Episode #70
    The big influenza pandemic with Kenneth C. Davis  |@ 40:05

  • In the same show - Episode #70 - War in the Sky - the story of Eddie Rickenbacker |@ 47:20


The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

The Pritzker Military Museum & Library

The Starr Foundation



Executive Producer: Dan Dayton

Producer & Host: Theo Mayer

Line Producer: Katherine Akey

Written by: Theo Mayer & Katherine Akey

Special segment hosts:

Mike Shuster
Dr. Edward Lengel


Eric Marr
JL Michaud

Thanks to all the great 2018 Production interns

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