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Boarding for the journey home

WW1 Centennial News for January 25, 2019 - Episode #107

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Highlights: New Nations, New World

Episode #107

Host: Theo Mayer

  • The News 100 Year Ago in the Official Bulletin - Host | @02:05
  • Tempestuous Voyage Home - Dr. Edward Lengel | @15:55
  • A Seat At The Table: Yugoslavia - Host | @19:25
  • Communist Revolution in Germany - Mike Shuster | @22:40
  • First into German: Sgt. Roy Holtz - Host | @26:40
    (Courtesy of Robert Laplander)
  • The Next Step for the Sculpture - Sabin Howard | @34:10
  • National History Day WWI Education - Cathy Gorn | @41:45
  • Speaking WWI: Cup ‘O Joe - Host | @49:45
  • Hello Girls Musical Cast Album - Host | @51:35

Interactive transcript with "Search & Play".

With the  WW1 Centennial News Interactive Transcript, 1. click on any word in the transcript and the audio will begin to play from that word. 2. Use Control+F, or Command+F on a Mac and put in any search term to highlight in the transcript for quick "Search & Play". 3. Copy sections of the transcript for articles.

Note: The transcript publishes 24-48 hours after the episode. If the space below is blank - check tomorrow.

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World War I - THEN

The Headlines 100 Years Ago - Host

Military Stories - Ed Lengel

The Great War - Mike Schuster

Special: First Into Germany, Sgt. Roy Holtz Part 3. - Host
By Rob Laplander

World War I - NOW

A Century in The Making - Sabin Howard

Education, National History Day: Memorializing the Fallen - Cathy Gorn


Speaking WW1: Cup o’ Joe - Host


Spotlight on the Media - Hello Girls Musical Cast Album - Host


The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

The Pritzker Military Museum & Library

The Starr Foundation


Executive Producer: Dan Dayton

Producer & Host: Theo Mayer

Line Producer: Katalin Laszlo

Written by: Theo Mayer

Short story provided by

Robert Laplander

Special segment hosts:

Mike Shuster

Dr. Edward Lengel


JL Michaud

Dave Kramer


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