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American Legion Post 43 in the 30's

WW1 Centennial News for August 26, 2019 - Episode #137

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Highlights: American Legion Post #43: Revitalized and Relevant!

Episode #137

Host - Theo Mayer

  • 100 Years Ago: Headlines last week of August 1919 - Host | @ 02:15
  • Born in the Month of August- Dave Kramer | @ 09:05
  • Remembering Veterans: American Legion Post 43 Revitalized -
    Fernando Rivero & Lester Probst | @ 14:45 
  • Articles & Posts: Dispatch Newsletter - Host | @ 32:55

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World War I - THEN

100 Years Ago: Headlines last week of August 1919 - Host


Carnegie’s Estate, At Death, Worth About $30,000,000, New York Times, August 29, 1919, p. 1

“Pershing Rejects Call to Testify,” New York Times, August 31, 1919, p.1

“Pershing Rank Bill to Pass Tomorrow, Washington Post, August 31, 1919, p. 1

Girl Ordered Shot Arrives here Safe”, New York Times, August 26, 1919, p. 6,

Jemison, Dick, “Record Price is Offered for Ruth,” Atlanta Constitution, August 30, 1919, p.21

Born in the Month of August - Dave Kramer


Christy Mathewson Biography,

First Division Museum, Robert McCormick Biography,

Shipman, Pat, “Why Mata Hari Wasn’t a Cunning Spy After All, National Geographic History,

Hamilton, David E., “Herbert Hoover: Life Before the Presidency,” University of Virginia Miller Center,

World War I - NOW

Remembering Veterans

American Legion Post #43: Revitalized and Relevant


Articles and Posts

Highlight from the Dispatch Newsletter - Host



The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission

The Doughboy Foundation


Executive Producer: Dan Dayton

Producer & Host: Theo Mayer

Line Producer: Juliette Cowall

Written by: Theo Mayer and David Kramer


Mac Nelsen
Tim Crowe

Website support: JL Michaud

Special guests:

Lester Probst and Fernando Rivero 


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