Elsie Janis, USA Signal Corps and AFS Ambulance collage

WW1 Centennial News for September 09, 2019 - Episode #139

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FOCUS ON - The Non-Combatants of WWI

Episode #139

Host - Theo Mayer

  • Unprecedented  logistics - Joe Johnson | @ 05:00
  • The US Army Signal Corps - Host | @ 09:15
  • The Hello Girls - Dr. Elizabeth Cobb | @ 11:30
  • Medical Support Services & the AFS - Nicole Milano | @ 15:50
  • The US Postal Service in WWI - Lynn Heidelbaugh | @ 22:15
  • The Stars & Stripes - Robert Rheid | @ 25:40
  • The Doughboy’s Sweetheart: Elsie Janis - Dr. Edward Lengel | @ 28:15
  • Bringing Soldiers to God and God to Soldiers - Dr. John Boyd | @ 32:05
  • Donuts and Coffee - Patri O’Gan | @ 34:25

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FOCUS ON: The Non-Combatants of WWI



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Executive Producer: Dan Dayton

Producer & Host: Theo Mayer

Line Producer: Juliette Cowall

Written by: Theo Mayer and David Kramer


Mac Nelsen
Tim Crowe

Website support: JL Michaud


Special guests:

Joe Johnson of the Defense Acquisition University

Professor Elizabeth Cobbs

Nicole Milano from the American Field Services

Lynn Heidelbaugh from the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum

Robert Rheid from Stars & Stripes

Historian Dr. Edward Lengel

The US Army Chaplains Corps Dr. John Boyd

Patri O’Gan from the Smithsonian Institution


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