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Sync Call for Wednesday March 09 at 12pm EST


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News at a Glance

1.New Sync Call Platform

2. Pancho Villa Raid Centennial

3. Historian Mike Shuster's Sync Call Debut

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Starting with this week's call (March 09), we will for now on host our Sync Call on a new platform - GoToWebinar. We have exceeded the technical capacity of our previous platform and this transition will resolve many of the technical issues we have faced in recent calls.

To join us for the Sync Call you must register here (name and email are all that are required). You need register only once - doing so will sign you up to join next week's call and every call thereafter.

Thank you for working with us as we make this transition! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via ww1cc.org/contact using subject line "Sync Call"

News and Announcements:

Updates from the States

Volunteer for state outreach. Contact Andrew McGreal if you are willing to help.

The next meeting of the Virginia WWI Centennial Committee will take place at the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk on Monday, March 14th at 10:00 a.m.

Upper Midwest Regional Meeting
Susan Mennenga and the Pritzker Military Museum and Library will host the next Upper Midwest Region Meeting at the Pritzker Military Museum and Library in Chicago on Thursday, March 17. The meeting will last from 9 am from 11 am and will be followed by a networking lunch. There will be an option to dial in for a live stream - that link will be available soon.

The Alabama WWI Committee will hold its next planning meeting on March 29. We'll provide more information on that as it's made available.

Collaboration Call: Overseas Battlefield Tours - Thursday, April 07 12pm EDT
The National Coordination Team will host the next State Outreach Collaboration Call on Thursday, April 07 at 12pm EDT. This call will feature speakers from the French and Belgian tourism boards as well as a very experienced tour guide. If you would like to be added to the Collaboration Call roster, email Andrew McGreal. We will post a recording of this call and a report on it on ww1cc.org/State-Outreach.

Pancho Villa Raid Centennial

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa’s raid on the town of Columbus, New Mexico, which killed eight soldiers and ten civilians. The raid was a result of Villa’s anger over US support for his rival, Venustiano Carranza, and was preceded by months of attacks on American citizens and property in northern Mexico.

Today the Columbus Historical Society is holding a memorial service to remember the citizens who were killed in the raid. The centennial activities started at 8:00am. The memorial services begin at 10:00 with guest speaker Helen Patton, granddaughter of General George Patton, singing the National Anthem, and making remarks. CAPT David Poe of the Pershing Rifles will read a message from Mrs. Sandra Pershing, step-granddaughter of General John Pershing. Patton will also read a poem her Grandfather wrote while in Mexico on the Punitive Expedition. Other activities will follow the Memorial service.

Check out the Commission website and our social media pages to learn more about the raid 100 years ago: how it galvanized the US to capture Poncho Villa in an attack that would later have profound effects on American policy and military and and our eventual entry into WWI.

American Field Service - New WWI Curriculum Launched

The Volunteers: Americans Join World War I, 1914-1917 - Developed for secondary school teachers to use with their history, civics, literature, and social studies students, this unique and relevant curriculum highlights the important role of U.S. American volunteers in World War I, including the important work of A. Piatt Andrew and AFS. It also speaks to the future by highlighting how volunteerism is a key component of intercultural competence and global citizenship education.

Upcoming Events:

Forty-Seven Days
WWICC Ex Officio Member and Member of the Historical Advisory Board, Dr. Mitch Yockelson will begin his book signing tour on March 4 here in the Washington, DC area. Mitch’s new book is on the Argonne campaign, titled Forty-Seven Days: How Pershing's Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I

Book Signing Dates and Venues
Friday, March 4, 2016
Annapolis Book Store
7:00PM to 8:30PM
35 Maryland AVE, Annapolis, MD 21401-1627

Thursday, March 10, 2016
National Press Club
6:00PM to 8:00PM
Reception Sponsored by World War I Centennial Commission
NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, 529 14th St NW Ste 1300, Washington DC 20045 2393

The National Society of Pershing Rifles National Convention and John J. Pershing Memorial Drill Meet
Chantilly, Virginia - March 10-13
More than 400 cadets and midshipmen along with Pershing Rifles alumni from throughout the country are expected to attend The John J. Pershing Memorial Drill Meet, an integral part of the annual National Convention, will be held on Saturday, March 12, at the NOVA Field House, 14810 Murdock Street, also in Chantilly.The John J. Pershing Memorial Drill Meet is free and open to the public. A highlight of the drill meet will be an exhibition performance by the famed United States Navy Drill Team, from Washington DC. In addition to performing, Navy Drill Team members will serve as drill meet judges, while a Navy Drill Team officer or senior petty officer will command the final “drill down,” which closes the competition by determining an individual national drill champion.

US Mint Coin Design Competition - Feb 29 - Apr 28
The United States Mint is calling on American artists to design a WWI commemorative coin, to be issued in 2018. The coin will serve as a tribute to the bravery, actions and sacrifices of Americans a century ago, while providing a tangible touch point for generations to come. The competition is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are at least 18 years or older. During Phase One of the competition, which is open from February 29–April 28, 2016, artists are encouraged to submit their contact information and three to five work samples using the online form on the Mint website. Up to 20 applicants from Phase One will be selected to participate in Phase Two, where they will create and submit designs and plasters for the final coin. The winner will not only have his or her initials on the final coin, but will also receive a $10,000 prize. The Coin Design Competition is an opportunity for American artists to inspire people with the bravery, actions and sacrifices of Americans, as well as encouraging future generations to remember and appreciate the history of World War I.

National WWI Memorial at Pershing Park

Joe and Sabin were at the National Press Club last week for the NPC's Newsmakers series - you can view this video here.

Our main focus this month is on a reception in Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 1st in support of the Memorial. As you know, Joe Weishaar is a Fayetteville native and University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture alum. We’re reaching out to business leaders in Arkansas and surrounding states for support. We’ll be at Blessings Golf Club for an exclusive showing of the design renderings- Joe and Sabin will be in attendance along with the Honorable John Boozman, Senator from Arkansas.

Visit ww1cc.org/design to check out the winning design team and their design concept.

You can make this memorial a reality by making a donating $11.11 today to the Memorial Fund. These veterans deserve a memorial. We can build it.

The DOUGHBOY MIA Project: Research Assistance Needed

Doughboy MIA will be visiting the National Archives in College Park, MD on 29 March through 1 April. They need volunteers to help them review the 300 boxes of records of American soldiers from the Great War still listed as missing. Contact: Project Founder Rob Laplander at: rlaplander@wi.rr.com if you are interested in helping.

Challenge Coins

We will offer our partners the opportunity to create and purchase challenge coins with our logo on the obverse and theirs on the reverse. Let Meredith Carr know if you’re interested.

WW1 Commemorative Merchandise

The WW1CC merchandise store is open on our website! Go online to get your own fine-crafted piece of WW1 commemorative merchandise and to support the Commission all at once. We have an exciting and varied line of products available for purchase - check it out today!

DISPATCH Newsletter

The Commission publishes a weekly newsletter, the DISPATCH. If you’re not receiving this and want to, sign up on our Commission Subscription webpage.


Volunteer Spotlight

Col. Michael Visconage

Col. Michael Visconage, retired USMC Colonel. Then-LtCol Mike Vis­conage deployed to Iraq during the initial months of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a field historian with the Marine Corps History Division and later served as the officer in charge of the Field History De­tachment. He returned to Iraq in 2007-08 as the command historian for the Multi-National Corps–Iraq (MNC-I). He retired from the Marine Corps Reserve in June 2012 and works in private industry in San Antonio. He is also been the driving force behind all of our volunteers and organizations getting organized in Texas.


The Great War Channel

Would you like to see some great videos on YouTube about WWI? Check out The Great War Channel. Posting multiple times a week, ‘The Great War’ shows you the history of the First World War in the four years from 1914 to 1918. The host, Indy, takes you back week by week and shows you what was going on in the past. Please subscribe to see these great posts. Their latest videos are:

The US Arms Industry - The Fight for Douaumont : THE GREAT WAR - Week 84
Published on Mar 3, 2016. The fierce Battle of Verdun continues but as the Germans under Crown prince Wilhelm push harder and harder, the German casualties begin to rise to the same levels as the French. The French Army is only kept alive through the sacred road which brings men to the front without a pause. One French soldier that gets captured around Verdun, is Charles De Gaulle. At the same time, on the almost forgotten Libyan Front South African cavalry saves the day like in the glorious past of the British Army.

European Socialists During WW1 - Frontline Medics : OUT OF THE TRENCHES
Published on Mar 5, 2016. Indy sits in the chair of wisdom again to answer your questions about World War 1. This time we are talking about the German parliament, the European socialist movement and frontline medics.

Austro-Hungarian Rifles of WW1 : THE GREAT WAR - Special feat. C&Rsenal
Published on Mar 7, 2016. Indy and Flo sat down for one of our live streams about historical firearms again. Othais from C&Rsenal explained the various Austro-Hungarian rifles and pistols of the First World War. Among them of course the famous Mannlicher rifles. In our next episode we will also have a look at the iconic Austro-Hungarian pistols.

The Great War Project with Mike Shuster


Both Sides Stake All at Verdun.
A Surprise German Attack Quickly Deadlocked.

German troops wearing gas masks at Verdun, 1916.(4-7 March) The murderous battle on the Western Front for Verdun is now more than two weeks old, and the fighting is fierce. The Germans appear to have the upper hand. Their goal at Verdun is now clear. It is designed “as part of a massive effort to win the war in 1916,” writes historian Michael Neiberg.

The German command launches the offensive to seize Verdun in February “in order to forestall whatever plans the Allies had for the year ahead.” Some Allied commanders “had predicted a German attack on Verdun,” reports Neiberg, but the offensive catches the French by surprise.

Germany’s top general, Erich von Falkhenhayn, argues for a parallel action at sea – a resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare. It’s part of an effort “to pressure Britain into coming to the peace table with or without France.” Verdun is the target because, according to Neiberg, “the Germans could more easily dominate the logistical lines...than could the French.”

Neiberg writes, "Falkenhayn “hoped to bait the French into a battle on ground favorable to Germany.”

Very soon, both sides would feed “all their resources into a battle whose symbolic value became greater than its military importance”....

Read more at GreatWarProject.org.


Upcoming Events

If you have an agenda item to include, please email Andrew McGreal by the Monday before the next Sync Call.

If you have an event for our calendar, please submit it here.

For a listing of events and exhibits, please visit the Commission Events Page









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