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"1916: Total War" Symposium at National WW1 Museum & Memorial in Kansas City

Explore the pivotal year of 1916, where global sociopolitical tensions created by World War I continued escalation and irrevocably changed the economic, military, and cultural landscape of the world.

Two years into the World War, both Allied and Central Powers suffered devastating military and civilian losses. Confronting the reality of total war and grimly determined to see it through, 1916 was the year of great battles. 2016 Museum SymposiumNations no longer sought to prevail by brilliant strategic assaults, resorting to bloody battles of attrition on the Western Front at Verdun and the Somme and on the Eastern Front in the Brusilov Offensive.

Great Britain and France redrew the map of the Middle East despite suffering repeated defeats there. In the North Sea, for the first and only time in the war, the British and German battle fleets clashed.

Throughout the year the warring nations kept a wary eye on the United States, where pacifism competed with preparedness and President Wilson won another term because “he kept us out of war.”

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