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Support America's national WW I memorial

By Joseph Weishaar
via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review TribLive web site

Weishaar on Blog Talk RadioJoseph Weishaar, lead designer for the National World War I Memorial at Pershing Park in Washington, DCIf you weren't aware that there isn't a national World War I memorial in Washington, D.C., I can't say I blame you. The war happened nearly two generations before I was born, and all of its veterans have passed.

When I submitted a design for this memorial two years ago, I did so with the idea that it was important to do all we could to honor the men and women who once defended freedom for their towns, states and country.

Building a memorial is a tribute to our humanity and a marker of courageous acts in the most harrowing of circumstances. It sends a signal to our families, children and grandchildren that courage, honor and sacrifice still mean something. It is a message to our current and future veterans that they will not be forgotten.

One hundred years ago, more than 116,000 Americans lost their lives fighting for the ideals that would go on to define our place in the world. This year, I hope you keep the soldiers of World War I in your thoughts. It is time for us to give back for the sacrifices they made.

Read the whole article on the TribLive web site:

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