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War Horses 103 years on: Horse Heroes fund nears $1 million

WWI war horse103 years ago this month, America’s horses and mules began their one-way journey to the battlefields of World War One.via the Horsetalk.co.nz web site

Some 103 years ago this month the first of America’s horses and mules exported to join the World War One war effort in Europe left their homes.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the US entering WW1, and Brooke USA’s Horse Heroes campaign has raised nearly $900,000 of its million-dollar goal to honor the memory of those horses by raising funds to improve the welfare of working equines around the world.

Brooke USA, an official Commemorative Partner of the United States World War I Centennial Commission, is raising one dollar in memory of each of America’s horses and mules who served in World War I.

Once bought for the war effort, the US horses and mules endured a strenuous journey that included traveling to a seaport and shipping in cargo holds across the Atlantic. After several weeks at sea, the animals were admitted to quarantine upon arriving in England. They were shod and kept at remount stations to recover from their trips overseas before they began their formal training as war horses.

Read the entire article on the Horsetalk.co.nz web site here.

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