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Medford, NJ honors 89 county residents who died in WWI 

By Carol Comegno
via the Courier-Post web site

Goodbye Camp Dix 1919 National Archives smallArmy soldiers bid a joyous farewell to Camp Dix in Burlington County after World War I ended Nov. 11, 1918. (Photo: National Archives)Lethal gas permeated the air above the French battlefield from another enemy chemical attack, suffocating soldiers.

When a fellow U.S. soldier was overcome by the gas in Juvine, France, his sergeant picked him up and carried him 50 yards across a road under heavy enemy bombardment.

For that heroic rescue during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in World War I, Sgt. Howard M. Karg of Mount Holly received the Distinguished Service Cross — the second highest military honor after the Congressional Medal of Honor, but he died a few days later on French soil on Nov. 5, 1918, just six days before the war ended.

Like other World War I soldiers, Karg’s name has melted into history, but he and 88 other Burlington County residents who gave their lives during World War I were be remembered Saturday, November 4 at the dedication of a new memorial in Freedom Park in Medford.

“It was to be the ‘Great War’ that ended future wars. We know that was far from reality as our world continues the struggles that have taken many lives. Through strength and courage, the United States and its allies have led the way to preserve freedom and liberty.

"We should not ignore the sacrifice of those who have gone before,” said retired teacher Michael Panarella of Medford, chairman of the Burlington County World War I Memorial Committee.

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