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Montana's Female WWI Veterans recognized by U.S. Senate

By Ed Saunders, LTC, USA (Ret.)
Montana World War I Centennial Committee

13466239 GThe discharge papers Regina McIntyre Early of Montana showed she served at multiple Army hospitals in France during and after World War 1. (Photo courtesy of Ed Saunders)This Veterans Day has been when many Americans observed the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entering World War I.

Generally, the women World War I veterans of America, and of Montana, haven't received the long-overdue recognition they earned and deserve. Most - but not all - of America's World War I women veterans were members of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps.

Two known Montana women WWI veterans were cited for heroism under fire, another was cited for distinguished service. Two searched the war-torn battlefields of France to find their brother's graves. One fought for over sixty years to get veterans status for the women of the U.S. Army Signal Corps. All served with high honor and sacrifice.

In October I wrote U.S. Senator Jon Tester, D-Mont, senior senator, U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs committee, and requested he read into the Senate Congressional Record (CR) a commendation for Montana and America's women veterans of World War One.

Based on my previous research on Montana's women WWI veterans, I wrote a draft commendation for him to consider and sent it with my letter.

On Oct 30th, Senator Tester read the commendation on the U.S. senate floor. Officially, the cite is at U.S. Senate Congressional Record, Volume 163, Number 175 (Monday, October 30, 2017).

This recognition is modest. So was our April 6th dedication of a small memorial plaque to women with ties to Yellowstone County, Montana, who served in the military during World War I it helps to tell the important stories of these special.

But paired together -- and paired with other efforts around the country -- we can make inroads to ensure that the stories of these incredible women will be remembered, and carried forward to future generations.

58e685f3133ba.imageFamilies of female WWI veterans from Montana attending a commemoration ceremony on April 6, 2017, for the dedication of a memorial to women with ties to Yellowstone County, Montana, who served in the military during World War I. 

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