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Pensacola State College students unveil World War I project at Navy aviation museum

By Melissa Nelson Gabriel
via the Pensacola News Journal web site

Graphic arts student Kelly Bestgen realized what a big deal it was to have her work displayed at the National Naval Aviation Museum when a Canadian woman who had recently visited the museum asked to buy some her art.

PensacolaPensacola State College graphic design students pay tribute to WWI in their senior project - a collaborative museum exhibit on display at the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum."That was huge," said Bestgen, who is preparing to graduate from Pensacola State College with a degree in graphic design.

To earn her degree, Bestgen had to complete a final project by working with other senior students and museum staff on a special exhibit that paid tribute to the 100th anniversary of the U.S.'s entry into World War I.

The students' work went on display earlier this month and will remain at the museum until early January.

Through their creative designs and exhaustive research, Bestgen and seven other students told the stories of World War I, including early aviators, war rations and the Spanish Flu.

"It really caught my attention. There's a lot of information here," said Kate McCormick, a museum visitor from Smyrna, Tennessee, as she explored the students' exhibit. 

McCormick lingered in front of a series of posters created by student Zachary Blessing, whose work focused on war rationing. 

His graphic posters highlighted the drastic cuts in rations to German soldiers as their country's war fortunes declined.

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