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U.S. Mint sells half of max 100,000 WWI Coin/Medal sets in first days

By Paul Gilkes
via the Coin World web site

Nearly half of the maximum 100,000 World War I American Veterans Centennial Coin & Medal sets have been recorded sold by the U.S. Mint.

On Jan. 24, the Mint released sales figures through Jan. 22 for the sets, which went on sale Jan. 17 with the launch of the commemorative coin program.

army medal wwi leadThe U.S. Mint says that 11,272 U.S. Army medal sets with the WII Commemorative Silver Dollar have been sold already. Only 100,000 total coin/medal sets will be sold.A total of 47,061 sets have been recorded sold, with 11,272 containing a U.S. Army medal, 9,343 representing the U.S. Air Service, 9,334 sets featuring the U.S. Navy, 9,417 sets containing the U.S. Marines medal, and 7,695 sets for the U.S. Coast Guard medal.

The sets, offered at $99.95 per set, comprise a Proof .999 fine silver medal paired with a Proof .900 fine 2018-P World War I American Veterans Centennial silver dollar. For a collector to obtain all five medals, orders would have to be placed for each of the five sets, since the medals are not being offered individually.

The Mint is accepting orders for the sets during the first 30 days of the commemorative coin program, and will stop after the sales period ends or sufficient orders are received across all five set options to exhaust the 100,000-set limit.

Soon after the coin program launched at noon Eastern Time Jan. 17, the Coin and Medal sets went into backorder status. According to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White, “The sets will not be produced until the final quantities for each set has been determined.”

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