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Peter Jackson is making a movie about World War One 

JacksonBy Andrew Todd
via the web site

Peter Jackson's next directing project has nothing to do with fantastical worlds: it's a World War One documentary, commissioned by the Imperial War Museum in London, set to coincide with the centennial of the war's end.

Never-before-seen, century-old footage has been mined, restored, and hand-colorised from the archives of the Museum and the BBC, and will be edited into a feature - in 2D and 3D - by Jackson himself. The film focuses on the experiences of the people involved in the five-year war, as opposed to the larger strategy and politics, working from hundreds of hours of interviews with veterans.

Jackson says the project is "not the usual film you would expect on the First World War;" check out his thoughts on the project, as well as some restoration tests, in the video below.

​Jackson has a long history of fascination with the First World War. New Zealand, of course, was heavily involved in the conflict, with one of its national holidays (ANZAC Day) originating as a memorial to the war. But Jackson also happens to be a significant collector of World War One memorabilia, ranging all the way up to vehicles and aircraft; his collection was utilised in a major exhibition at Te Papa, the country's national museum. 

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