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General George Kenney, Master Aviator and American War Hero Who Fought In Both World Wars 

By David Herold
via the War History Online web site

Every soldier who puts his life on the line is a true hero. However, some amazing souls go the extra mile and really reach for the stars in their service to their country.

Kenney compositeCaptain George Kenney in 1919; General George Kenney in 1945One of them is George Kenney, a US Army Air Force General. Kenney who not only mastered this position for 30 years as a true professional, but he took part in multiple battles – not to mention both World Wars – with gusto, earning him a decorated military record for his efforts.

A Young Man Finds His Footing

George Kenney was born in 1889 to American parents, but he was brought into the world in Nova Scotia, Canada after his family decided to take a summer trip up north to avoid the heat of Boston. Growing up in Massachusetts as the oldest of three younger siblings, Kenney succeeded through school flawlessly.

Eventually, he found himself attending college at the Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology (MIT), a very highly-regarded Ivy League school for some of the country’s brightest students. Aiming to pursue a career in civil engineering, he was well on his way to something great, even from a young age.

However, the sudden departure of his father affected him so much that he actually quit college, taking on various jobs in different cities just to pass the time. Then, once his mother passed away in 1913, he finally returned to Boston, intent on figuring out where he needed to be. Working his way back into engineering, he helped build a bridge in New London, Connecticut, readjusting to life as he had originally planned it years before.

Kenney was content in his choice of career, and he later formed a partnership with Gordon Glazier, a former school friend, to build upon his experience in the field.

However, the beginning of World War I would throw his life into a tailspin again, setting him on an entirely different course – this one taking place high up in the sky.

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