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2018 National Women’s History Month: NH Women & WWI 

By Janice Brown
via the Cow Hampshire web site

The month of March has been celebrated as National Women’s History Month since 1980 when it became the flagship of the National Women’s History Project. I’ve been writing here about New Hampshire women’s history since its creation in 2006 (12 years).

New Hampshire in WWI poster 300x226Despite our accomplishments, women are still often left out of the history books. It is time for us to be included. If each of us writes and publishes at least one story about a woman, then we help to bring our history out of the darkness and into the light.

My obsession in the past year or two has been to document New Hampshire’s role in World War I. My object is not to glorify or honor war, but rather to put a human face back on the list of names that we see engraved on monuments and plaques. I also try to cover all facets of the war, for we cannot fully understand what happened until we look at both sides of the coin, and at both genders.

When we think of World War I, most of us picture the men in military uniform readying for battle. Women played as great a part in everything. Some women served as yeowomen, nurses, telephone operators and others who were often at the battlefield and subject to the same grave dangers of bombs, gas and disease.

The women left behind experienced great hardships, but also it was a door of opportunity for them as for the first time certain jobs were now available to them due to lack of “man” power.

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