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Honor Your WWI Ancestor with a Personalized Commemorative Coin Display

You can now purchase the limited edition US Mint World War I Commemorative Coin, in combination with our specially-designed display stand, personalized with information about your WWI ancestor.

This will make a great collectible gift for family members and descendants of those who served in World War I.

Personalization can include: rank, full name, enlisted date, deceased date, unit/decorations, battles, cemetery, etc. If you have already purchased the Commemorative Coin from the UIS Mint, you can also order just the personalized display. Both the combo set and display alone are available at (click on US Mint Commemorative Coin at the top navigation bar). Supplies are limited.

Because this rare coin will continually increase in value (US Mint sales stop at the end of this December), this combination display will become a valuable heirloom that can be kept in your family for years to come, along with the memory of your family’s WWI veteran. The product comes with the US Mint Certificate of Authenticity for the coin.

Proceeds from the sale of this item go towards funding the building of the National World War One Memorial in Washington DC.


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