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 Only available to Dec 27 2018

U.S. Mint resources regarding 2018 WWI Commemorative Silver Dollar

Sales of collectible coin directly support the creation of the new National WWI Memorial in DC

By Chris Isleib
Director of Public Affairs, United States World War One Centennial Commission

Many of us know that, on December 27th, the U.S. Mint will close sales for their new 2018 World War I Centennial Silver Dollar, and for the companion silver medals representing each of the five military services.

But before they do -- Have you seen the great new resources that the U.S. Mint has provided, to help tell the story of the coins, and of their background?

The Mint's program webpage here has some great new features to check out.

There is a great interview with the designer of the silver dollar, Leroy Transfield. Transfield is a native of New Zealand, and had several ancestors who served in World War I. Their experiences inspired him to create & submit a design for the coin, which won the Mint's open/international design competition.

There is a fun kids video game, created by the Mint staff as a way of introducing the topic of World War I to younger people. The game follows Peter the Eagle, as he flies his bi-plane over the battlefields of France, trying to drop silver dollar coins down to his friend in field hospitals, banks, and the trenches. Player have to navigate Peter's plane for a successful drop, all the while dodging seagulls and anti-aircraft shells, which come at faster and faster rates. That simple game is very addicting.

For educators, there are Lesson-Plans about how coins are made.

For coin buffs, there are specifications for the new silver dollar, and the companion silver medals.

For history buffs, there is historical information on the U.S. Mint, and there is beautiful high-res imagery of the World War I Centennial Silver Dollar and companion medals.

The World War I coins and medals make great Holiday gifts -- and they direct;y support the creation of the new National World War I Memorial in our Nation's Capital.

You can purchase yours by going to the U.S. Mint catalog webpage here:

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