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National WWI Memorial

NCPC Approves Preliminary Plans for National World War I Memorial

By Stephen Staudigl
via the National Capital Planning Commission web site

Washington, DC—At its February 7 meeting the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) approved preliminary site development plans for the National World War I Memorial submitted by the National Park Service in collaboration with the World War I Centennial Commission. The memorial, proposed for downtown Washington’s Pershing Park, will honor the service of members of the United States Armed Forces in World War I. The primary memorial components are a freestanding memorial wall with a sculptural element on one side and an inscription on the other, and a pool with a central plaza.

The Commission found that the design of the memorial wall’s inscription side is improved and noted that is reminiscent to the park’s original fountain. NCPC requested a lighting scheme for both sides to be part of its next review stage. The Commission supported the applicant’s preferred design for the central plaza with a single pedestrian connection. It recommended that the applicant consider different types and colors for the plaza’s paving materials to help reduce solar heat gain, in particular. NCPC also supported simple, horizontal signage at the park’s southeast and southwest corners to assist those seeking to enter the park. The Commission anticipates considering final development plans, the last stage in its review process, in late spring or early summer.

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