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The Fictions of World War I: 7 Novels Inspired by The Great War 

By Rhys Bowen
via the CrimeReads web site

Rhys BowenRhys BowenI have written novels set during the Second World War, but the recent centennial of World War I made me aware of the horrors of that great conflict—such a senseless war, directed by generals used to cavalry charges, who sent men “over the top” to face tanks, grenades, and mustard gas. More men were killed in World War I than in any other war. Those who came home were broken in body and mind. And so many didn’t come home at all that England faced life without a generation of young men.

This is a national predicament that helped inspire my latest novel, The Victory Garden, which tells the story of a young woman who joins the Women’s Land Army and forms bonds with other women who are forced to take over tasks they never expected to perform.

But particularly when compared to World War II, World War I has been largely overlooked in literature, possibly because so many of the stories tend to be dark and tragic. And yet, there are standouts in the genre, and some of my favorites are the books that show the horror, the bravery, and the difficult aftermath of what was called “The War to End All Wars.”

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