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1 SwaWcop52HFuqVs Yz4QVwSculptor Sabin Howard (right) poses WWI Models posing in the Pangolin Editions photogrammetry rig

Digital Technology and the Sculptor’s Art: Innovation and Imagination 

By Traci L. Slatton
via the web site

There’s a moment, in a life committed to growth, when the call sounds to leave the familiar. It’s the beginning of an adventure — or the first step into calamity. It’s the onset of transformation.

For an artist who has honed his skill over decades, the call can be disconcerting.

So it was for my husband Sabin Howard, a classical figurative sculptor steeped in traditional craftsmanship. By “steeped,” I mean he had worked painstakingly to master the art of sculpting by hand in clay; by “traditional,” I refer to the high aesthetics of classical and Renaissance art.

There were no shortcuts to Sabin’s expertise. It was laboriously gained. He spent tens of thousands of hours in the studio, posing nude models, studying their anatomy, morphology, and gesture, constructing steel armatures, wrapping a foam core around the steel, covering foam with a base coat of clay, and then slowly accreting tiny scrims of clay, layer after layer, until he builds up a workable surface. 

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