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1917 WWI Pledge Card Pelham NY ObverseObverse of Blank 1917 Local Pledge Card for National Campaign to Raise $35,000,000 for the Y.M.C.A.'s National War Work Council Via Pelham Campaign Committee. Source: Gift to the Office of the Historian of the Town of Pelham from Ms. Michele Egan.  

Pelhamite Finds Important Local WWI National War Work Council Pledge Card Inside Walls of House 

By Blake A. Bell
via the Historic Pelham (NY) web site

Pelham mobilized during World War I -- and again during World War II -- to defend the home front and to support the many young men who fought the war in Europe. Part of that mobilization was to provide monetary support to a national campaign to raise $35,000,000 for the Y.M.C.A.'s National War Work Council that funded efforts to provide comfort and support to American troops, Allied troops, and prisoners of war.

Recently, Pelhamite Michele Egan of Young Avenue discovered an unused pledge card issued by the local Pelham Committee in late 1917 to raise money locally for the National War Work Council inside the walls of her home. Ms. Egan has donated the pledge card to the Office of the Historian of the Town of Pelham. Today's Historic Pelham article presents images of the front and back of the card and places its history in context of the trying times faced by Pelham, the United States, and the World in late 1917 as World War I raged.

The Pledge Card

Images of the front and back of the recently-discovered pledge card appear immediately below. Each is followed by a transcription of its text to facilitate search.

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