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Group 1 NYC ParksWorld War I Memorials restored by NYC Parks (left to right): Bronx Victory Memorial, Ridgewood War Memorial; Greenpoint War Memorial.

Kudos to the NYC Parks Conservation Team for their work on World War I Memorials

By Jonathan Kuhn
Director, Art & Antiquities, NYC Parks

The World War I Centennial may be over, but the NYC Parks continue our mission and mandate to preserve our touchstones of the past, including all of the 102 World War I monuments in our city’s parks.

In the run up to Memorial Day, the NYC Parks' small but dedicated field staff were engaged in ongoing care of many World War I memorials. This work included detailed cleaning, waxing, and minor repairs.

Leading this team of professionals was Steven Drago, Monuments Conservation Technician, Victor Riddick, Monuments Conservation Technician, and John Saunders, Monuments Conservation Manager.

Attached are a few representative photos of relevant sites where this amazing team made special effort. As you can see, the special care given to these historic treasures is clearly evident.

Of special note -- the Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s sculpture of the Washington Heights-Inwood War Memorial was repaired last fall (we replaced the missing bayonet) with support from various donors, including the Centennial Commission's 100 Cities/100 Memorials program.

Group 2 NYC ParksWorld War I Memorials restored by NYC Parks (left to right): Washington Heights-Inwood War Memorial; Glendale War Memorial; Chelsea Park Memorial (Doughboy).

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