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Ulysses Grant Moore 2Alma, Lucas, granddaughter of Ulysses Grant Moore, is presented with the American flag at the memorial service for the World War I veteran.

Honors given; marker placed; RIP, Private 

By Richard Mize
via The Oklahoman (OK) web site

Richard Mize remarks given Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at Trice Hill Cemetery at the much-belated memorial service for World War I U.S. Army veteran Pvt. Ulysses Grant Moore, whose forgotten grave marker was finally placed, and military honors bestowed, 55 years after he died.

Ulysses Grant MooreUlysses Grant MooreGood morning and welcome! We are here to give belated honors to Army Private Ulysses Grant Moore, a century after he served in World War I, and 55 years after he died. Why such honors were overlooked, and why this marker never made it here to his burial site are unknown.

My name is Richard Mize. I am pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, and the real estate editor for The Oklahoman. It has been my privilege to help make this moment happen.

It took a compelling series of discoveries that started by happenstance.

An elder at church happened to be chatting over the back fence with a neighbor. The neighbor happened to say, "Do you know anything about this grave marker? This 55-year-old marker? For World War I?" It was just across the property line, in the man's back yard, where a shed had recently collapsed and cleaning it up had revealed it. The elder said, "Well, no!"

I happened to be pastor of the church, and I happened to be in a position at The Oklahoman to report it, and to help get it where it has long belonged.

All that happened to happen. But, at a time when duty seems to have gone out of style, and even honor seems to be in short supply, I call it a God thing.

Duty and honor are God things.

I’ve been thinking about some things for weeks now regarding U.G. Moore. 

Read the entire article on The Oklahoman web site.

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