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5d57430a8b71b.imageFrom right, Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs Director Nick Jedlicka with Denny and Carolyn Robison at the county VA building on August 15. County officials presented Denny Robison with a grave site marker for his grandfather Dan Robison, a World War I veteran whose grave at Walnut Hill Cemetery went unmarked until recently.

Iowa World War I soldier's grave marked after 45 years 

By Courtney Upah
via the Council Bluffs Daily Nonpariel newspaper (IA) web site

Denny Robison wasn’t sure why the grave of his grandfather — a World War I veteran — was unmarked for 45 years. Now, together with his wife, Carolyn Robison, and Pottawattamie Veterans Affairs, that has been corrected.

“Whenever we would go out (to Walnut Hill Cemetery) on Memorial Day and such to decorate the grave, we never knew exactly where Grandpa was,” Denny said.

He figured it was an oversight that his grandfather — WWI U.S. Army veteran Dan Robison — remained buried in an unmarked grave, and that oversight was buried with time.

“Grandpa was a tall man, yet very soft spoken, and I will always remember that no matter what the occasion or situation, there was a kind laugh,” Denny said. “A very welcoming grandfather to both my brother and I.”

Denny and his family were close with Dan when he died.

After so many years unmarked, Carolyn decided to look into installing a marker as a surprise. To start, she reached out to the Veterans Administration.

The VA assisted Carolyn in finding the right documents — like a birth and death certificate — needed prior to receiving the grave marker.

Carolyn gathered the majority of paperwork by herself with the VA’s help, until she needed the death certificate.

“The last thing I needed was the death certificate,” Carolyn said. “Because I wasn’t a direct descendant, they wouldn’t give it to me. I went home and said ‘here’s what I’ve done but you have to finish it because they won’t give it to me.’”

Read the entire article on the Daily Nonpariel web site.

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